Every day at Alliance, we strive to fulfill our mission of helping children, birth parents and adopting families. Especially in these current times, sometimes we need to take a moment to celebrate. Last week, we had one of those moments that we would like to share and celebrate what can happen even today amongst all current challenges.

Through group efforts and hard work from Alliance staff members and our many partners, we were able to get one-week-old twins removed from state care and placed with a wonderful, loving family! COVID-19 is certainly proving itself as an additional obstacle, but it is not preventing us from achieving our mission and celebrating placements!

As if that was not cause enough for celebration, we received a testament to the work we do from the twins’ birth father, who graciously allowed us to share his note:

Please just everyone take care [in] this hard time. Thank you for all your help and please help parents like us find beautiful families. We’re so grateful for everything you guys helped us with and our boys will have a beautiful life thanks to you all. God bless you and be safe.

Through these uncertain times, we will collectively persevere, and the Alliance for Children will continue to help build families in good and challenging times.


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