I knew I had wanted to move further into the process and set up a visit to meet them. I also wanted to be able to explore where they lived and see their home, so I could know for myself where my son would grow up. I continued talking with birth mother advisor letting her know my thoughts on flying out to see the family. A few weeks after the first phone call we had all agreed that I would come out and take a few days to spend with them and see their lifestyle.

After we had made the decision, I remember being excited and super nervous since this was such a big step. I was very blessed with the situation, having a very close friend wanting to come with me for support and to also give me an outsider’s opinion on the family. We both prepared for the trip, and I remember her telling to keep an open mind and that she would be there the entire time so I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. Shortly after the discussion about the meeting, we were waiting at the airport to board our plane. I knew the next few days would be crazy, but everything felt so right in my heart. I got on the plane ready to start the next chapter of my pregnancy and adoption plan.

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