International Adoption COVID update Blog April 2021


The Alliance for Children has been involved with International Adoption for over 40 years providing adoption services in countries around the world. The Impact of COVID-19 has presented unique challenges worldwide, but things are moving in the world of international adoptions. Since the start of the pandemic, we have had families apply, complete home studies, register dossiers and get matched with a child. Travel is just starting to open up to adoptive families, and although things are moving slower than desired, they are moving again.

Here is an update on each of our international programs:

Bulgaria International Adoption Update

Bulgaria is a great option for families open to older children and children with special needs. Additionally, Alliance for Children receives profiles of Waiting Children each month from Bulgaria. Waiting Children are children who are considered harder to place due to age or special needs. We currently have several waiting children who are looking for their forever families and are available now! Learn more about Adoption from Bulgaria and our Waiting Children program.

International Adoption COVID update Blog April 2021

Colombia International Adoption Update

The Alliance for Children is proud to announce our NEW Colombia Program Coordinator, Jaime Greenberg. “As a Colombian adult adoptee and new Colombian Program Coordinator for Alliance for Children, I am so excited for the future of adoption from Colombia. The Colombian heritage program offers Colombian nationals the opportunity to adopt a child under the age of 6 years 11 months.  Non-Colombian nationals may adopt as well from Colombia, and I would love to explain who the children are in need of a forever home. More and more families have been contacting Alliance to learn about this wonderful program and eligibly requirements. In fact, Colombia is one a handful of countries accepting applications of LGBT married couples.Learn More about Adoption from Colombia and the requirements for both of our Colombian Adoption programs.

Hungary International Adoption Update

We are looking for families for our Hungary Adoption program! Children available to adopt range in age from 3 and up. Hungary is open to married heterosexual couples with a minimum of 16 and maximum of 45 years between the adoptee(s) and at least one of the applicants. Hungary is a newer program for The Alliance for Children, although our in-country staff located in Hungary has years of adoption experience. Learn more about Adoption from Hungary and additional requirements.   

Romania International Adoption Update

Romania continues to be a great option for families of Romanian descent! We have several families in the process now. The Alliance for Children can assist families in all 50 states with adoption from Romania.  We can also assist you with your International home study in the 9 states in which we are licensed.  Learn more about adoption from Romania and additional requirements.

Vietnam International Adoption Update

The Alliance for Children has been licensed and providing adoption services in Vietnam since 2016.  Today, our agency is one of 3 agencies licensed in the US to offer Vietnamese adoption services! It is a great option for married couples and single women. The Vietnamese central authority is in the process of passing a new law that allows children under age 5 with or without any known special needs to be adopted. Both the US and Vietnamese officials are pleased with how well the program is going and have changed some of their laws to make it more accessible. We are still are waiting on more details of the new adoption program. Learn more about the adoption from Vietnam.  

About the Alliance For Children

The Alliance for Children is licensed and accredited by the Intercountry Adoption Accredited Agency (IAAME) and is Hague accredited since 2008.  We offer International adoption services in all 50 states and pre & post International Home Study services in Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Texas.  Want more information about international adoption? Contact us!

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