We became aware of Alliance for Children after we had previously completed a home study and were matched with a teenager out of state.  We ran into multiple delays and red-tape due to different state, agency,  and ICPC regulations and were faced with the potential of having to start over with a new home study and new training from a new agency.   We didn’t know what else to do or where else to turn and then we found Alliance for Children.   Alliance responded quickly and were able to help us navigate through the process and update our home study to meet all the requirements.  Because Alliance was licensed in our home state as well as the child’s state, they were also able to help provide post-placement supervision services, which allowed the placement to occur within three months of officially being approved as the adoptive resource for our son.  Six months later we consummated the adoption and we can’t say enough about Alliance and their professionalism and compassion.   Had it not been for their help, we are almost certain we would still be waiting on placement.  Our worker assigned to us was fantastic.  She helped us through everything from strategies to bond with a teenager to managing some of the behaviors teens in foster care often exhibit.  Her commitment to doing what was best for us and our son was second to none.  We could not have felt or been more supported during the process.

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