I just want to say thank you for taking the time to get to know me here - I am truly honored. I can only imagine how hard this time is for you as you consider making an adoption plan. Your strength, courage, and commitment to plan for your child's future is something I admire and for that, I am proud to know you.
My strong wish to be a mother has made my heart full and it is busting at the seams, ready to welcome a child into my life. I know you will make the decision you feel is best and I respect your choice, whatever that may be.
I would be happy to share anything else you might want to know about me and the life I promise to give your child.
It is my hope as you continue to read my book that you will feel a connection and also all the love I have reserved for you and your little one. I would be honored to take this journey with you and I thank you for considering me.


About ten years ago, when I was working as a Head of School, a 4-year-old student's foster mom (soon to be adoptive mom) introduced herself to me one morning. The connection and love I saw in this mom's eyes for her daughter busted my heart right open. It was then and there that I knew what was missing in my life. What more can I say... my heart was captivated!
The image of this little girl has stayed with me all this time. Like all of us, she had her own story about where she came from and I shared a special connection with her. This bond is what showed me that I have the love, support (and patience!) to offer as a mom one day myself.
While I hoped to be in a committed relationship, I have not yet found the right partner and that is okay. I definitely do not want to settle when it comes to something like that. But my calling to be a mother is so strong and I don't want to put my dreams on hold any longer. Not only do I have a large and loving circle of family and friends around me but I have also learned from the very best - my own mother.
My mom is the most amazing woman I know and I am lucky that she is mine. When I was 16, my dad passed away and my mom took on the role of single mother. She raised six kids and was always there for us, no matter what. I will strive every day to provide the same unconditional love to your child.


I promise to be a support to you during this time. That is important to me - this process is not just about me and your baby but about you too. I would love to have the chance to get to know you as well, if that is something you are open to. No matter what, I will respect your wishes every step of the way. And I will raise your baby to know it was your deep love for them that led you to make a loving adoption plan. I will always honor you and will speak about you with nothing but admiration and respect.
I promise to provide your child with unconditional love, guidance, support, and security. Because of your selfless decision, your child will enjoy a today and tomorrow filled with tremendous happiness and opportunity. I promise that and so much more.
People have always told me that I have a special way with children and I agree. As I realized what was missing in my life, I became more and more determined to find the right way for me personally to become a mother and I know in my heart more than ever that adoption is the right path for me. I hope we can travel this winding road together!


I have a close connection with my family and friends who I love so much. We enjoy each other's company, often spending time just hanging out together or going out to dinner, traveling, and more.
As you know, my mom is my rock and my inspiration. As a single mom who raised six children, she taught us so much, including how to be independent and career minded. This served us all well when we were young and now, as adults. I am the fifth of six children that my mother gave birth to over a span of 14 years. When I was just nine years old, I became Tia (aunt) to my oldest brother's child, the first of many nieces and nephews I would grow to love. I am now an aunt to 12 nieces and nephews and a great aunt to 15! I am also an active godmother to three children that I adore.
We are a close-knit, and very large family and there is certainly room for more. I am so excited to welcome a little one into my family. Your baby will definitely be surrounded by love all around them!

About Me

I am from Massachusetts (where I grew up with my mom and siblings) but now call the sunshine state of Florida home. When I think back on my childhood, I have really amazing memories. I grew up with a love of reading and writing poetry and also watching telenovelas with my grandmother who lived with us. We also watched American soap operas which I needed to translate into English as she only spoke Spanish. We had a very special relationship and spent a lot of wonderful time together.
I work as the Executive Director of a childcare and educational center which focuses on vulnerable kids. I love what I do - as you can see, I am really passionate about children and education. To this day, I enjoy learning and helping others. It feels good to know that I can make a difference in the lives of others.
My friends would describe me as loving, compassionate, generous and kind. They all know about my dreams of becoming a mom and have been so supportive of me through the process.
I have a lot to give and I have tons of energy which will come in handy. I love to dance (I enjoy Salsa and Meringue the most), listen to music (anything from 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Pop-Rock!), travel, read, and eat great food from all cultures - but I do not like beans!
At the end of the day, you will probably find me relaxing on the sofa binge watching TV - don't laugh, but General Hospital (yes, the soap opera that has been around forever) is my guilty pleasure. I started watching it with my grandmother when I was younger and I never gave it up! I also really enjoy spending time with family and close friends. As you can see, your child will be surrounded by so much joy.
Choosing to go to college was one of the best decisions I made in life. Education is important to me, so much that I continued schooling to learn even more. I will teach your child what I have learned over the years and will instill good values and will make a good education a priority. As I have always worked for educational institutions, your child will have the best education has to offer and the best opportunities.
One of the most life-changing experiences was when I went to Sierra Leone, Africa to help open the first of many private middle schools in West Africa. I helped train the first 8 teachers and now this network has grown so much. Being there during that time only made my passion to make sure every child has the opportunity for a good education even stronger. I have also been lucky to travel to visit friends and also celebrate my birthday with family on vacation. I have visited many states right here at home and have also been to the Caribbean, Europe and I also have enjoyed the experience of going on a cruise (pre-Covid, of course!).


I have lived in my house since 2019 and I love where I get to call home. It is warm and cozy and it just makes me feel comfortable. My community is quiet and safe and I have wonderful neighbors all around me. Not only is it very diverse but I have amazing amenities at my fingertips - a swimming pool and two parks with swings, slides and more! My home is close to several top-rated schools, lots of shopping, great restaurants, and coffee shops. There are also plenty of fun recreational and cultural activities nearby.


Birthdays and Thanksgiving are events our family really loves to celebrate. When my father passed away in 1991, we made a vow to spend every Thanksgiving together. We have managed to honor this tradition almost every year since. In November of 2017, we rented a hall for our family reunion with over 100 family members (and friends we call family) joining together. Each of us wore reunion t-shirts, including our 103-year-old grandmother. We enjoyed a potluck meal with all the fixings and we ate, hugged, caught up, danced, and sang our hearts out all night.
For birthdays, I plan cruises so my sisters, cousins, girlfriends and I can be together, enjoying each other's company. I am also known to arrange delicious dinners, game nights, and salsa dancing parties which are so much fun.
When I am lucky enough to welcome a little one into my life, I will honor every one of your child's milestones with the best memory making events. I will never let anything go by without making sure they are celebrated so they grow up knowing how special they are.


Oscar is my fiercely loyal and very sweet roommate. He is great with kids and loves to rest by your side and be cuddled. And like most pets, he loves treats! I know Oscar will be a great brother and will bring your child so much joy with his soft snuggles.


Thank you for considering me to raise your child. I have planned for this opportunity and I am very ready to be a mother. Everyone in my life knows that I am going through this beautiful journey and they are so supportive and excited.
As you consider your options and what is best for your child, please know that my thoughts are with you and my love continues to grow for a child that will join my family. I promise to provide a wonderful home for your child who will be happy, healthy, supported and successful in whatever he or she chooses in life. I will provide a safe and secure environment and will have realistic expectations. I will do whatever is necessary to help your child live their most fulfilling life. All of these are my promises to you and your child.

With much love and gratitude,