The Alliance for Children offers a variety of profile services. In a way, the profile book is like a portfolio that paints a picture of who your family is and the life and environment you would be bringing a baby into! 

Profiles are presented to the expectant mothers, and they select the family they would like to match and place baby with.

In Phase 1,  you will work with staff on creating your profile book. In Phase 2, we can create a digital or web profile. The digital profile is an electronic version of your profile book used internally or shared with expectant mothers via email, whereas the web profile allows your family’s profile to be displayed on our website and expectant mothers can find your family online. Family profiles on our website will be shared among our large network opening many channels to birth parents around the United States. Both options are handy in the age of technology and make your profile more accessible—we recommend either option pending what you are comfortable with!

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Regarding profile presenting, Alliance for Children first takes the expectant mothers’ parameters into consideration, and then looks at our pool of waiting families in determining potential opportunities to show profiles. If we feel there may be an opportunity for your family, we will reach out to you directly with any information available regarding the expectant mother and to confirm you would like your profile shown. We want both the adoptive and expectant families to be comfortable moving forward with a potential match, and take great care and consideration in this stage.


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We will be forever grateful to the Alliance For Children for bringing us our baby.  Thank you to the team for delivering our baby from Colombia.  

Tricia & David

Adopting Parents