The Alliance for Children offers a variety of matching services. You can choose to have your profile presented to birth parents through our website. Family profiles on our website will be shared among our large network opening many channels to birth parents around the United States. You may prefer to have a birth parent profile presented to you in advance before deciding to have your profile presented to the birth parent(s).

We will work with you to develop an individualized matching plan that fits your personal preferences and meets your goals and expectations. We understand that the adoption process can feel overwhelming. Our staff members are available to help you through each step of the process. We also work with adoption partners, agencies and attorneys to ensure the success of your adoption.

As your adoption agency and your partner in the adoption process, we are available to carefully guide you from the first phone call to the finalization of your adoption.

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We will be forever grateful to the Alliance For Children for bringing us our baby.  Thank you to the team for delivering our baby from Colombia.  

Tricia & David

Adopting Parents