Hi! I want to thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

I am writing to you with a bunch of emotions - excitement, compassion and even a little bit of fear. If you are reading this, I believe it means that our paths have been guided to cross one another for a reason. Maybe I will be lucky enough to have a connection with you so that I may have the chance to guide, love and serve with your child throughout his or her life.

You must have so much on your mind. Adoption is an incredibly difficult decision. Believe it or not, it is a difficult decision for me too. I did not necessarily grow up thinking that I would adopt a child. And here I am. We may have more in common than you would think.

My values and principles have worked through poverty and comfort, and I would be so blessed to be able to share my life with your baby.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this. I hope we can have the chance to get to know each other soon.

With Love,


My Adoption Story

All my life, I have always wanted to be a mother. But because of my past, I really wanted to make sure that I was financially stable first. By the end of high school, I received a scholarship to an Ivy League college. From there, I went to law school. With lots of prayer and hard work, I was lucky to land a great job with a big law firm in New York City. Ten years later, I started my own real estate development firm. My company has been very successful. I feel blessed to have realized my professional dreams.

In my 20s, I married a sweet and brilliant young man who worked on Wall Street. One day, he started "going crazy", and the diagnosis was adult onset of schizophrenia. Turns out, this disease ran in his family and the doctors recommended that we not have children. We stayed married and I accepted that I would not have biological children. Years later, when we divorced, I was devastated by what I was going through. Like many of us have thought at one time or another, I wondered, how could this be happening to me?

Learning to forgive myself and my ex-husband led me to see the beauty in that marriage. He had the opportunity to experience love and marriage at a time when he was whole and healthy. And I was given the chance at seeing family in a different way. While I never gave up on my dream of being a mother, I soon learned that there are many different paths to get there.

Promise to You

Although I know the adoption journey is not always easy, I feel in my heart that there is a gift in this process, for both of us. I promise you that I am that someone who has everything great to give your child.

I plan to welcome your precious baby into my life unconditionally. Because of my career, I will be home a lot and can't wait to spend time together. I currently work from home and will continue to do so in the years to come. My network of girlfriend mommies will be a source of endless playdates. There will be lots of opportunities to travel and learn together. My family will also be very involved. Everyone is so supportive and excited to welcome a baby into my life!

About Me

My friends and family would describe me as someone who laughs easily, gets along well with everyone and likes adventure. They will also tell you that I am someone who really takes her time - I always think things through before making a decision. I am the person in our group of friends who everyone can count on, no matter what.

When it comes to my career, I am a real estate developer, which basically means I build buildings. I am also an activist and advocate for minority developers. A few times each year, I am called upon to sit on a committee, testify at government hearings or be interviewed regarding city planning, labor, zoning and other real estate-related issues. My hours are really flexible and light (literally, construction can't happen in the dark!). I feel so lucky to be able to work from home.

I love the arts, travel and socializing. It started when I was a child. I took flute and dance lessons when I was in public school and I think those early lessons are what led me to really love the arts.

My mom and I traveled when I was a child, in the U.S. and abroad, so I developed a love of travel through her and this is something I would love to share with a child one day.

I absolutely love to cook. To me, it is another form of art! Being originally from the south, I love southern comfort food (like macaroni and cheese) and experimenting with international cuisine (like Thai-style fish dishes). I mostly try to stick to healthy foods, but an occasional treat like Southern comfort food or ice cream is good for the soul. Even more, I really love to cook for others. I can't wait to cook for your child. I bet it will be a fun experience and challenge as we learn what he/she likes!

Meet Dawanna
A Little More About Me

I am an avid reader. My favorite type of book is non-fiction, especially biographies. My favorite autobiography is Katherine Graham's book called Personal History. She rose from housewife to leader of her family's newspaper, The Washington Post. Her story shows that people of all backgrounds face challenges in life. It is not about where you start but how you finish. I like that motto! When it comes to TV, if I have some down time, I am all over the place. I must admit that I have found myself watching a reality show on occasion, and I also find myself binge-watching design shows on Netflix. I think it's the same approach I have towards fashion... the high/low. Sometimes I just want to laugh and sometimes I want to think, so its a choice between the low and the high 😉

My Values

My mother struggled with the decision about whether to have me. Growing up, I faced a lot of tough challenges being raised by a disadvantaged single mom. Despite the past, I now find myself blessed to have all of the advantages one could want in life - a successful career, great friends, a wonderful family, and strong faith in God. I can provide your child with an amazing life - the best schools, a beautiful home, travel around the world, and most importantly, unconditional love. What makes me unique though is that I can provide your child with the tools necessary to succeed in life - love, spirituality, hope, faith, wisdom, and perseverance.

My Home

I live in a safe high rise building in midtown Manhattan. While that may sound a little hectic, I promise, it really isn't at all. My home is surrounded by views of the calming Hudson River and there is a beautiful outdoor terrace. My friends and family are constantly visiting. We cookout. We all curl up on the living room sofas or in the kitchen and enjoy the view while the kids play together.

My home is modern and comfortable. There are plenty of green plants, fluffy pillows, and plushy blankets to get cozy in. I collect modern art, along with keepsakes from travels around the world and I love getting to display these around my home. I have already started decorating the extra bedroom and bathroom with a little one in mind.

Besides having a building with everything I really need, Central Park is just 3 blocks away and Hudson River Park is one block away. Because I enjoy jogging, I run in the park at least once a week. Next to my building, there is just about 5 acres of green space with lots of activities for kids. The neighborhood is filled with young families. There are also great schools in the area.

My boyfriend and I spent some summer weekends this year in the Hudson Valley in Upstate New York and the Hamptons. We can see this becoming a tradition. One region is great for a quiet farm life and the other is great for the beach. Since I grew up in the South, I am a strong believer in spending time in nature. I really love summers so I can take advantage of all that great outdoor time!

My Friends

I have some very special friends. One of my closest friends lives just one building over. She is so excited about me building my family through adoption and is looking forward to being a strong support system.

My girlfriend mommies and guy friend daddies have been my rocks as friends for over 15 years. They have children who are like my Godchildren. Also, I have a University crew and other special people around me. Most of them have kids and they are not short on advice, love or time.

Your baby will be surrounded by so much unconditional love.

My Family

My father, stepmother, 3 sisters, brother and I spend a lot of time together. My mother passed away 5 years ago. My family comes to NYC often and I visit home for the holidays. During the pandemic, we have shared a lot of fun FaceTime calls. One hot topic has been about the day that I will become a mother!

I come from a huge family. My mother was 1 of 6, my dad is 1 of 10 and my maternal grandmother is 1 of 14. I have 27 aunts and uncles and a whole lot of cousins. I am African-American with a mix of Native-American ancestry.

Some of my aunts and uncles by marriage are mixed-race, and so I have cousins of diverse ethnicities. I have 7 cousins who were also adopted. We grew up together. It is not something that I think about. We make no distinction between race, biology or otherwise. To put it simply, we are a diverse family. At the end of the day, we believe love rules.

My Travels
Holidays & Traditions

Among my favorite traditions is traveling. Every year, we take a girls trip which we have been doing for 12 years now. This year's trip to Spain was canceled due to the pandemic. Last year, we went to Cuba. I also traveled to Cuba for a reunion trip with my sorority. Both trips involved community service and lots of eating. I look forward to traveling the world with my child and exploring through their eyes.

When I'm in Atlanta for the holidays, there are a few fixed rules. Thanksgiving is held at my father's and stepmother's home with all the siblings and kids. It is our standing tradition and we love spending the entire day eating and talking. Christmas is spent with my mother's family and everyone must dress alike for our longstanding pajama tradition on Christmas morning.

The night before, I make my famous Christmas Eve crab boil and we play games. All other holidays have no special traditions. The goal is to simply enjoy each others' company. We see each other about 6 times a year between Mother's Day, Father's Day, anniversaries, birthdays and other special times.


In closing, you have continually been on my mind as I have written this profile and shared with you my truth. Words cannot express my gratitude to you for considering me. I am truly humbled. Your trust in me will stay with me all the days of my life. I promise to give your child a wonderful life while respecting you every step of the way.

With love, gratitude and prayers,