Hello! We are Joshua and Amy, and we are so thankful for you.
Amy & Joshua
Amy and Joshua Alliance for Children Adopting

Our hope is, that after you have learned more about us, that you can feel the love we have for each other, and just how much more love we have for you and your baby. Though it might be hard to get to really know us through these pages, we are truly an open book and would love to answer any questions you have and get to know you too.

When we say we are thankful for you, we absolutely mean it. We are so excited to be parents and without you, that simply would not be possible. We cannot fully imagine making such an important and heartfelt choice, but are grateful you are. We have been praying for you and your baby, and we will continue to do so for the rest of our lives.

With love,

Amy & Joshua

Amy and Joshua Alliance for Children Adopting

When we got married, we were really excited to start a family together. Our love was strong and we knew we were ready to be parents. We officially started trying to have a baby that year, but we quickly found out that a biological child was just not a possibility. We were of course disappointed because this was not necessarily something we had been prepared for but we stuck together and really supported each other through all of the ups and downs. The one thing we always came back to was that we just wanted to be parents - plain and simple. It did not matter how we got there, just that we knew this was our dream. And that is how we started our adoption journey, and our journey to you.

Once we started to talk about adoption, we quickly realized that this was the right path for us. It was not something we decided lightly (or on a whim) but it just felt right from the beginning. Joshua has two cousins who are adopted and so it actually feels very natural for us and for our family. We both cannot wait to be parents and are ready to welcome a bundle of joy into our lives and our hearts.


Being parents, for us, is about love, first and foremost. Our promise to you is that we will love your baby unconditionally. We have so many things we want to share as parents. I want to share my love of music (think piano lessons, choir, playing an instrument in band or orchestra, plus epic road trip playlists!), and cannot wait to do all sorts of arts and crafts with your child. Joshua is super excited to share things like golf and other sports, along with his love of the outdoors. We are eager to take road trips to visit family and to take vacations both in The United States and abroad. We will provide your child with every opportunity and chance to learn and grow and explore his/her dreams. They will be surrounded with unconditional love and will be supported in all that they do.

About Us

As many couples do these days, we met online. We quickly connected when we realized how much we share in common, including our sense of humor! Our first date (at an Applebee's) was full of laughter and conversation and ended with a sweet kiss. On our first New Year's Eve date (about one month after we met), the waitress politely had to ask us to leave because we had overstayed our reservation time! I guess you could say that we really enjoyed each other's company from the very beginning.

During the school year (Amy is a teacher), our weeknights look pretty much the same (read: low key!). We always make sure to spend some time together at the end of the day so we can catch up. Joshua is our at home chef, so he usually prepares us dinner. I am a bit of a pickier eater (and always have been) so we are well prepared if your child is picky too!

We usually watch TV together for a bit in the evenings. After we catch up on the news, we usually watch the opening act of one of the late night shows - our favorite is Stephen Colbert. Weekends are usually more fun and we try to be out and about, enjoying the weather and our free time. Whether it is running errands or grabbing a bite at a local restaurant, we just really enjoy our time together. Sometimes we'll take quick day trips to a state park to hike and/or drive around. Joshua is a great photographer and he gets some fantastic shots of nature and animals. We enjoy talking and looking at the scenery while we hang out together.

We are eager to get back to traveling again so we can explore more National Parks (Joshua has been to way more than Amy!), different countries, and visit all 50 states at some point. We dream of doing this with your child one day!

Meet Amy

Amy is my dream come true. I admit, it took me some time to find her, but now that I did, I will keep her forever. Amy loves to laugh and be silly, loves to make others laugh, and does not mind laughing at herself. Her greatest gift is her enormous heart and her desire to make others happy. I know this will make her the best mother and it makes her a fantastic partner.

Amy works as a high school English teacher and she is a natural when it comes to teaching. I truly admire Amy and all teachers for their dedication to their students. Amy's passion for helping others is never more true than when she is teaching. She loves her job and the kids. In her spare time, you will find her buried in a book or crafting. Since the start of the pandemic, she has gotten really into knitting and crocheting and has even learned to use yarn to make tassel and pom-pom garlands. She's also been making jewelry (mostly bracelets) which I think are beautiful and she loves decorating her planners and calendars. Being creative makes her happy, and that makes me happy!

Your child will definitely grow up around music - Amy plays the flute, piano and piccolo, and loves to sing. It is amazing having a home filled with music.

One of the things I love about Amy is that she is willing to try my cooking. This is a huge step because Amy's palate is not the most robust, but she will try what I prepare. I love to call her my wife and most importantly, my best friend. Her loving nature will make her a great mom.

Meet Joshua

My only complaint about Joshua is that he took so long to move to Nebraska so that we could be together (LOL). He is the man I dreamed of and prayed for, for years. He is kind, funny, smart, and hard-working. His childhood dream was to be a Park Ranger for the National Park Service and at the age of 27, his dream came true. He has worked at some of the most interesting places, including the National Mall in Washington, DC, Yosemite National Park, and the home of Harry S. Truman in Independence, MO.

Joshua loves to cook (especially for me... I am the luckiest!) and is, for the most part, pretty good at it! I am usually his taste-tester. We each have foods that we stay away from so he is pretty good at still coming up with delicious meals for us. I shouldn't complain but the one thing I hope he makes next is fried chicken - the last few attempts have not been his best (we love to joke around about this!). My favorite dishes he makes are definitely his beef stew, chicken-pot pie, and most things Italian. I feel so lucky that the man I love likes to cook and is (usually) pretty good at it too.

Joshua is an avid golfer and I know he can't wait to share his love of golf with your child. I know he will also be up to explore any sport or hobby they may want to try.

I am so excited to continue our partnership together. His patience, kindness and ability to love unconditionally are going to be just a few of the things about him that will make him the best dad. As you can see, I love him with all of my heart and am excited to see him with a little one!


We live in a suburb of Denver, which means we have no shortage of fun things to do. We love exploring the area, particularly the state and national parks near us. Denver is a pretty active city with loads of outdoor activities. We are lucky to enjoy the four seasons here and love taking advantage of everything our city has to offer.

We think that our home is both warm and cozy. We have tried to decorate in a way that really shows off our style and interests. Amy loves calendars, so we have 8 throughout the house. We have framed art by Dr. Seuss, and scenic photographs which Joshua has taken. And of course, we have plenty of family photos displayed as family is such an important part of our lives.

We have lived in our house for the past four years and are still working on making it feel like ours, every day. It is a good thing Joshua is so handy - he redid our bedroom floors, remodeled our guest bathroom, and put together a greenhouse in our backyard. We still have projects in mind for the future but that can wait - our priority is making the nursery just perfect.

We love hosting Thanksgiving for family and friends. Before Covid, we used to have both sides of our family, including parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, their kids and friends over for the holiday. Our home is definitely a gathering place for our loved ones.

Our neighborhood is a great place to raise a child. We love our neighbors (who all have kids!), there are two parks right nearby and we are zoned for one of the best school districts. This is actually one of the many reasons we chose to buy a house here.

One thing we have been dreaming about adding to our home is the pitter patter of a little one's footsteps! Your child will have lots of room to grow and learn in our home and we cannot wait to make memories together as a family of 3.


Family and friends are a big part of our lives, both individually and as a couple. We are very lucky in that we get along with each other's parents and extended families. Joshua is the youngest brother of two (his older brother is Ethan) and Amy has a younger brother (Jared). We both have large extended families. Amy has 20 first cousins alone. Your baby will be surrounded by family (especially during the holiday seasons and the summer months). On Joshua's side, the number of his first cousins is smaller. However, the amount of love is the same.

When it comes to friends, we both have long-standing friendships. Amy has a core group from college (they are spread out a bit) and Joshua has friends from high school and his previous jobs. We value our friendships and love spending time together - from celebrating birthdays to just hanging out.

Everyone is beyond excited for us to be growing our family through adoption and for us to add another child to the family tree.


We are a blended family when it comes to religion. Amy was raised Christian (Lutheran) and Joshua was raised Jewish. So, we celebrate holidays from both traditions. During the winter, we have menorahs and a Christmas tree - our home is filled with beautiful lights!

Birthdays for the two of us are not as big a deal as they used to be, but we can't wait to celebrate your child's birthday! Growing up, birthdays were an important day and we are excited to continue that tradition. We both believe that experiences are often better than just gifts, so we will make sure that celebrations involve adventure and loads of fun!

We are always looking for ways to start new traditions for our little family. We look forward to planning summer vacations each year, visits to both sets of parents' houses, and other traditions as well. Nothing would be better than adding a little one to our mix!

With Love

We truly hope that through these pages, you feel like you have gotten to know us and the life we promise to give your child. We cannot thank you enough for considering us to go on this journey with. We know that you have come to this decision after much thought and we are so thankful for you.

We are so excited to be parents and cannot wait to shower your baby with love. We respect and admire you (and your decision) and love you more than we can explain.

With love,
Amy & Joshua