Hi There!
Saritha and Ravi

It is so very nice to meet you, even if it is on paper to start. Thank you so much for taking the time to read our book and to learn more about our family. We hope that through these pages, you will see how much love we have to give and how very much we want to welcome another baby into our hearts and our world.

Even though we cannot imagine what you are going through, we know that this cannot be an easy decision to make. We really admire all of the sacrifices you are making for your baby and believe that this could only be done because of how much you already love him/her.

No matter what you decide, we are thinking of you often and wishing you only the best. We hope we can have a chance to get to know each other better!

With love,

Our Adoption Story & Promise to You

Nine years ago, we welcomed our amazing son, Srihith, into the world. The moment he was born, ourdreams came true as we became parents for the first time. Raising Srihith has definitely been ourgreatest job (and joy!) and we have been ready for quite some time to add another baby to our family. In fact, from the time we got married, we always knew we wanted two children! We definitely have more love to give and we are ready to welcome another bundle of joy. Also, Srihith is very ready to become a big brother! We know he too will love your baby and take care of him/her as a big brother should!

We promise to raise your baby to be absolutely and undoubtedly equal to Srihith, both emotionally and financially. We will raise your baby to have every opportunity in terms of their education so that he or she will grow up in a world where the sky is the limit, and where he or she is able to follow his/her dreams to a life of happiness.

We also promise that your child will be raised knowing how incredibly brave and strong the woman is who brought him/her into the world. And also just how much you sacrificed for him/her to have the life you dreamed about for your child.

We know that it is a very difficult and even painful decision that you are about to make. We would behonored to be chosen to raise your baby. We will love him/her unconditionally and honor you as part of his/her life, always.

All About Us

We met 15 years ago, in Jamaica! Saritha was there on vacation and Ravi was working as a Doctor, in a town called Maypen. We ended up spending a lot of time together and we knew pretty quickly that we had found the one in each other. Four months later, we decided to get married!

We celebrated our marriage and love for each other in Allentown, Pennsylvania surrounded by our family and close friends. It was a beautiful and meaningful ceremony and celebration for us. In the past fifteen years, not only have we had our son, but we have also grown up a lot together as a couple and also as individuals.

As a couple, we love to cook together! Being in the kitchen gives us a chance to prepare a delicious meal and we can also catch up on our days. Some of our favorite meals to cook are pasta, pancakes, waffles and of course, Indian dishes... curry chicken is our go to!

On weekends, we like to invite our family and friends over for dinner. Many of our friends have kids as well, so it is nice for us to spend time with the adults and Srihith can have playtime with his friends!

Long weekends are a chance for us to travel to nearby places so that we can visit with friends and catch up. We also enjoy going shopping as a family and nothing is better than trying a new restaurant for lunch or dinner on the weekends!

About Saritha
Through Ravi's Eyes

Saritha is very family-oriented, kind and very helpful to everyone she knows. She is the backbone of our family and keeps us all organized!

In her spare time, she enjoys swimming and water aerobics, and catching up with friends, near and far.

Saritha is one of the smartest women I know. She graduated and worked as a Doctor but took time off from her career in order to become a full time, stay-at-home, mom. I have so much respect for her decision and really admire her dedication. I know being a stay at home parent can be the hardest job, but she loves it and does an amazing job at it! And now as we plan to grow our family through adoption, she has dedicated even more time to our family and getting ready for a new addition. Srihith and I are so lucky to have her and I cannot wait to see her with a new baby.

      • Watching movies
      • Trying new restaurants
      • Catching up with friends
      • Traveling to new places
      • Dinners with my family
    • OCCUPATION: Doctor (Gastroenterologist)
        • Cooking
        • Watching movies
        • Working out
        • Traveling
        • Golf
        • Basketball
        • Football
      • FAVORITE FAMILY TRADITIONS: Dinners with my family
      About Ravi
      Through Saritha's Eyes

      When I met Ravi, he was working as a Doctor in Jamaica after finishing medical school in India. I fell for him pretty quickly- he is a caring, understanding, smart and family-oriented man with passion for his career as a Doctor. And now, I can add that he is a loving husband and father to this list!

      Ravi grew up as the only child of his parents where he was raised in a middle-class family in India. He has often shared with me that he always knew he wanted to work in a career where he could help people so being a Doctor is perfect for him.

      In his free time, Ravi goes into Daddy mode! he is a great Dad and loves to spend time with Srihith and as a family. I am so excited to see him open his heart to another child someday soon.


      We live in a 3000 sq. ft home which gives us more than enough space. Our bright and cozy home is in a quiet neighborhood. Having bought it shortly after being built, we are lucky to be the only family to have lived in it. We have already chosen which room will be the nursery and have started to get the room ready for your baby. We can't wait to decorate with the finishing touches soon.

      When we are all together, our favorite rooms to hang out in are the family room and dining room. Whether we are relaxing, watching TV, playing a board game or snacking on a home-cooked meal, it is always so nice to spend that time together, talking and just catching up.

      Our neighborhood is very quiet and safe for our children to run and play. On any day/evening, there are always lots of young families with kids walking and playing outside, especially in the summer time. We love going for walks as a family. In our neighborhood, we have a community pool and there are also tons of seasonal events, like a Halloween and a Christmas party. We live really close by to everything we need; the best schools, parks, library, gyms, and of course, shopping! We always say that we live just the right distance from all the action- close enough to get to in a ten minute drive, but far enough that we still have quiet and family oriented streets.

      We love our small town life. It's great for raising a family and we can't wait to share it with another child!


      Srihith is 12 years old (where has the time gone, it feels like yesterday that he was just born!) and is in the fourth grade. He loves swimming, piano, gymnastics, and spending time with friends and family.

      He is very affectionate with all of us and has such a sweet smile and easy-going personality! He is still working on expressing his feelings verbally, but we have no doubt that he will be the best and most caring big brother. He is so excited about his new role!

      Our Growing Boy

      Cousin Sleepover


      Our Sweet Boy

      Family and Friends

      We are very thankful that our immediate family and many of our close friends live nearby. Saritha's mother lives just a couple of hours away by car and we see her often. She is ready and willing to come spend more time with us once we are home with a new baby. Saritha's sister along with her husband and two kids live a few states away. We love our time with them.

      Sadly, Saritha's father recently passed away and Ravi's parents passed away within the last few years. We are fortunate that we both have extended family and many friends who are also settled here.

      We are very lucky to have such caring people in our lives. We take advantage of every occasion to get together - holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and any other special occasions are all great excuses to be together!

      Everyone has been so supportive of our dreams of growing our family through adoption and they cannot wait to welcome (and spoil!) a new bundle of joy!

      Our Traditions

      Saritha was born and mostly raised in the USA and Ravi has been here since we got married nearly 20 years ago! We both have our roots here now and our traditions are all around American culture. From 4th of July BBQ to Thanksgiving feasts, you will definitely find us celebrating these traditions.

      Travel and Adventure

      I guess you can say that meeting in Jamaica along with having lived in India has definitely fueled our love of travel! We have been to many places, both near and far and we cannot wait to share our love of adventure and learning about the world with Srihith and your baby!


      Thank you again for taking time to get to know us. We have been and will continue to pray for the entire process and everyone involved.

      If you choose us as parents for your baby, we promise to do everything in our power to give your child the best possible life, and to always surround him/her with unconditional love. We give you our word that your child will be loved and protected and will always have our familys strength and also, yours. We will always hold you in our hearts and will pray for you for the rest of our lives.

      We would love to get to know you and answer any questions you may have for us! No matter what you decide, we wish you much peace.

      With love,
      Saritha and Ravi