Post Placement and Finalization

Post Placement Next Steps in Your Adoption Finalization

Coming home with your child is an exciting time! There are a couple more steps of the process once you are home. The first is post-placement reports. Alliance for Children will provide you with the post-placement requirements for your adoption in accordance with the laws of your state and the country from which you adopted.  Your social worker will visit with you and your child, answering any questions you may have about adoption or parenting. We want to make sure that both the parents and child are doing well and getting the support and services that may be needed.  Our social work staff is always available to answer any questions you may have at any time after your child comes home.
The second step is finalization. Many countries offer a full and final adoption in-country while others necessitate finalizing the adoption in the US upon arrival home. However, we always recommend that families re-finalize the adoption in their state regardless of whether or not the adoption was finalized in-country. This will generate a US birth certificate for the child, which is more widely accepted and easier to replace or duplicate throughout your child’s life. Alliance for Children will offer guidance and resources to help you finalize your child’s adoption.


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