Mical and Aryeh
Thank you for allowing us to be part of this journey with you, and for taking the time to get to know us.

Dear Birth Mother,

We cannot pretend to understand what you are going through but want you to know that you have our greatest respect. Placing your child for adoption is the ultimate act of selflessness and we support you fully as you decide if this is the right plan for you and your baby. We admire your courage and strength, and hope that our story, through this book, gives an idea as to who we are and the kind of parents we will be to your child. We will provide a loving, warm and supportive environment, one in which your child will feel loved unconditionally.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of this journey with you, and for taking the time to get to know us.

With love,

Mical and Aryeh

Our Adoption Story

Mical has known since she was a young girl that pregnancy would be not be an option for her due to a medical condition. While this really has no impact on her daily life, becoming pregnant for her would be considered too high risk. It took Mical time to process and accept this reality and also gave her the chance to really explore adoption, a decision she has not taken lightly. Mical was honest with Aryeh from the beginning and so this is a journey we have been on together from the very beginning. There has never been a question for either of us - we love and care for each other deeply and really want to have a family together. Adoption is what is right for us.

Our Promise to You

Adoption was not a foreign concept for us. Mical's childhood friend was adopted and was always pretty open about it. Also, an old friend of Aryeh's married someone who was adopted and he is a good friend of ours as well. Needless to say, we truly feel so comfortable with this process, even though there are so many unknowns that lie ahead... hopefully!

We promise to be the very best parents we can possibly be and most of all, to love your child unconditionally, always. We promise to provide a loving environment where your child be will accepted and loved just the way he/she is. We will provide for him/her every opportunity to learn and grow. We will support and help nurture your child's interests, individuality, and goals. Education is important to us and we want your child to have every opportunity to learn. Our hope is to raise your child to be kind and respectful to all people, from all backgrounds and from all walks of life and to embrace everyone's differences.

Your child will grow up knowing just how much he/she is loved by so many people, including you.

About Us

We met almost 12 years ago on a blind date. From the very first moment, we felt comfortable with each other. We met for lunch, explored Greenwich Village, and ended up going out for dinner! Mical knew Aryeh was a keeper when he kept offering to share his food, something he still does! Aryeh really is a romantic at heart, often surprising Mical with her favorite treats (think donuts and chocolate chip cookies!
Something that Aryeh noticed and loved about Mical from that first date was that she was game for trying anything, including trying on nearly every hat in a hat store (including one that looked like it was out of a Dr. Seuss book) and exploring new toy and food stores.

We are truly best friends. We love hanging out together and usually eat dinner together every night. And still ever the romantic, Aryeh is known to often drop to one knee so that he can re-propose to Mical all over again.

After a few food experiments courtesy of Aryeh, Mical took over cooking duties but Aryeh always helps out by doing the dishes! Eating together as a family is important to us, this is when we get to catch up with each other on our days.

Through it all, we have stayed best friends, helping each other through the good times and the difficult times, and staying by each other's side, no matter what. After being married more than 10 years, we still act like newlyweds and are so grateful to have each other.

Meet Mical
Through Aryeh's Eyes

When I think about Mical, I truly believe that she is the one I was meant to marry. Being with her has made me a better person than I would have been without her, this I am sure of. She is one of kindest people I know. I am always proud of her and the work that she does. As a speech therapist, she has helped so many children, by helping them learn to communicate for the first time, especially for those that were diagnosed with autism. Mical is lucky to have a job with a lot of flexibility so she will be able to take time away from work to be home with your baby.

Mical enjoys taking acting class (and I get to rehearse her lines with her when she practices at home!), reading, and getting together with friends.

She is both my wife and best friend. As corny as it may sound, I really started to understand and enjoy love songs after I was married to her!

Meet Aryeh
Through Mical's Eyes

Aryeh is the love of my life. I feel like the luckiest person to be able to share my life with him. He is the kindest person I know. He is the first person to help a stranger carry a stroller up or down a flight of stairs. He is funny and makes me laugh all the time. He is there for me no matter what, he is the true definition of a real partner. I admire Aryeh so much. He works hard and never gives up. He has taught me that it is okay to fail, as long as you have tried your best. Aryeh gives it his all at his job as a CPA. Everyone who works with Aryeh says how easy it is to work with him and that he is a team player and gets along with everybody. He is a family man. He loves spending time with both of our families and especially with our 13 nieces and nephews!

Aryeh likes going to arts and craft shows, watching Japanese anime and reading comic books and science fiction. I have even learned there is a difference between Star Wars and Star Trek 😉

Aryeh is on the board of two religious organizations and is the first to volunteer and help in any way he can.

Our Home

We live an hour away from Manhattan, with everything that a great city like New York has to offer, all at our fingertips. Our neighborhood has the best schools, parks, libraries, and restaurants. It is a safe neighborhood with lots of families. Our home has large rooms, high ceilings, and really beautiful archways. We love all the character!

Over the years we have enjoyed going to the boardwalk to enjoy the water, outdoor concerts, and fireworks. And of course, living in NY, we enjoy exploring our city, and we love going to Broadway shows!

Our home is our special place and we look forward to raising a family here.


We love to travel together and have explored many national parks in the U.S, as well as going abroad. In the last few years we have traveled to Spain, Croatia, and the Canadian Rockies. We also like to explore locally, here in the USA. This past weekend we enjoyed a visit to the Pocono mountains where we got to see some waterfalls, and also went on some beautiful nature walks.

We are excited to share our love of travel with a child one day. We can't wait to explore through their eyes!

Our Loved Ones

We both have our families close by and they are a big part of our lives. We share holidays, birthdays, and special occasions with them. We are also happy to get together on a regular weekend and share a pizza, for no reason, other than we just love being together.

Everyone is so excited for us to welcome a baby into our lives, they cannot wait to spoil a little one!


We know that this decision is incredibly hard for you and this is not something we take lightly. Please know that if you choose us to raise your child, he or she will be welcomed into our family with all of our hearts and with wide open arms, forever loved and cherished. We would be honored to have the chance to get to know you better, if that is what you want. Above all else, we respect your choice no matter what you decide.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through our book and for considering us.

With much love,
Mical and Aryeh