Dear Birth Mother
Leif and Rob

Putting ourselves in your shoes, we imagine that you have a ton of mixed emotions, concerns and questions for us. This must be the biggest and most challenging decision to make and we do not take that lightly. Hopefully, as you go through our book and learn our story, you will feel our love and see the kind of life we will provide to your child - how we would welcome her/him with a completely open heart and love them for who they are meant to be.

We would be honored to learn more about you and your wishes for your baby and how together we can make that a reality. But if it's not us, we know that you will find the right path for your child and wish you nothing but the best along the way.

With all of our love and best wishes,
Leif & Rob


We met in our mid 20s and have been together for nearly 15 years. We officially married in 2017 in Leif's hometown of Homer, Alaska. We first met on Martin Luther King Day at a mutual friend's get together in NYC. After several dates, we officially became a couple. Through the years of being together, we continue to grow and support each other and we feel lucky to have one another.

There was never a moment in each of our lives that we didn't see children in our future. Rob was raised in Brooklyn, NY with a very big (and loud!), Italian- American family. He is 1 of 6 kids (and with 5 sisters, is the only boy!). Having being raised in a household full of women, he is very sensitive and also a total champion of women (#girlpower #feminst). Leif was raised in a much quieter home, with his parents and brother, Chris, in Alaska. With that said, he is a natural nurturer and is always taking care of everyone and everything. As uncles to 11 nieces and nephews and also as godparents, being around little ones feels so natural to us both and we know that the time is right to start a family of our own.

Despite our differences, we share the same values: love, kindness, family, hard work, and compassion. These will be a major part of the family we hope to create. Having grown-up gay during the 80s/90s, we both always felt a little different. This has led to our deep sense of empathy and support for anyone that is not perceived as part of the "norm". This is a major theme for us in how we approach the world, our friends and families. We are fully loving, accepting, and open-minded and will rai

Not only is our upbringing a major difference, but our personalities are too! Rob is loud, talkative, outgoing, spontaneous and extremely social. Leif is quiet, introspective, pensive, organized and rational. Our differences make us stronger as a couple and as future parents. We come at life with different approaches and it teaches us to embrace differing views and come to better outcomes


We consider adoption to be an incredible gift and to honor that, we will teach and guide your child to find their true self and share that with the rest of the world. If you choose us, we will surround your child with kindness, love, support and adventure. Our promise to you (and to your baby) is to provide him/her with all the tools to help shape them into a grounded and caring human that respects and supports other people, society, and our planet.

About Us

It is probably pretty obvious through these pages that we are clearly a true testament to the old saying, opposites attract!

Something we both have in common is that while we believe in working hard at our jobs and careers, we also like to play hard. When we are not working, we like to stay as active as possible. We both work-out at the gym and also enjoy going on hikes, skiing / snowboarding in the winter and just being outdoors in the spring and summer months. And as much as we like being on the go, we also REALLY love our down time. We spend many weekends at our country home in Vermont doing just this. We intentionally bought this spacious home so that we could grow a family here.

When we are not in Vermont or traveling, we are often spending time with Rob's immediate family or our friends who live close by. Most all of them have kids (ages 1 - 23) and we love being around them. From imaginary play to time spent at the park, we truly cherish our time with our loved ones.

Meet Leif

I was born in a small and pretty liberal fishing town of Homer, Alaska. My heritage is British and Scandinavian. I was lucky to have grown up in an active and loving household with parents who were very supportive and encouraged creativity. We went to Protestant church (although I am not overly religious today) and always had dinners as a family (something I think is so important). My mom, Lisa, would read to me and my brother, Chris, every night. As kids, Chris and I loved playing together (video games, building forts, riding bikes, and making-up adventures in the woods). Chris and I are still close today and still love playing video games, lol. Other activities I was involved in include theater camp, boy scouts, swim, cross country track and skiing.

Following in my grandmother's footsteps, I went to Syracuse University in upstate NY. After graduation, I moved to NYC to follow my dream of living in "the big city". That is where I met Rob and we have built our fun and adventurous lives together. I work as the head of a marketing department for a non-profit company focused on jazz music and the arts.

I am analytical, not much of a risk taker, introverted, empathetic, a good listener and non-judgmental. Rob would describe me as "amazing, kind, patient, caring, loving, thoughtful, smart, well-read, enjoys making others feel happy".

Meet Rob

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York along with my five sisters. My heritage is Italian American. I grew up in a fun and active household. Sundays were family days which involved church, an outdoor activity and a big homemade dinner (almost always involving pasta!). Growing up, my mother was always very creative and made holidays very special. My dad would often take us to the movies, batting cages and out to dinner. My dad worked in a wood manufacturing shop and he loved taking us there as kids to teach us some good lessons in hard work.

During high school I was active in volunteering at the local youth council; helping to organize fundraisers and clean-up local parks. I also had part-time jobs as well. I went to college in Washington, DC and was lucky enough to study in Italy for a semester. I returned to NY upon graduation to begin my career in finance and to be close to my family.

I work as the Chief Operating Officer of a financial asset management firm. I love my job and the flexibility I have. Another important part of my life is caring for the earth and environment. I love trees, planting, composting, recycling and anything eco-friendly, including driving our electric car 🙂

As a person, I would describe myself as caring, passionate, outgoing, supportive, accomplished, driven and hardworking. I am not always a rule follower and encourage others to also go against the grain and to be their true selves. I also try my best to speak-up and out for what I believe is right. Leif would describe me as "very caring, fun, energetic, hardworking and someone who makes other people laugh and smile."


We live in an amazing neighborhood in Manhattan, right in New York City. Given the many schools and colleges nearby, it is a fun, young and vibrant area filled with creative energy and art. It is a wonderful environment to explore and share exciting new things with a child, something we are really looking forward to!

On the weekends, we love getting away to spend quieter time at our home in Vermont. Getting to live in the city and the country gives us the best of both worlds.


We love traveling the world and seeing new cultures and experiencing adventures. Some of our favorite trips include exploring the desert in Egypt and hiking Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa (where we got engaged). We have collectively been to more than 20 countries across 6 continents and we look forward to sharing these experiences with a child one day. We are ready to take on some new adventures with a new addition!

With Love

Thank you for reading our book! We hope that through these pages, we were able to show you our real selves, our real lives and what kind of parents we would be to your baby. We consider adoption to be an incredible gift and want to honor and respect you and the process in any way possible. We hope we can have the chance to get to know you better and share even more about us, if that is something you want.

Our thoughts are with you as you make this important decision, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us.

Leif and Rob