Kathleen & Joe
Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you so very much for taking the time to get to know us and allowing us to be a part of this journey with you. We are beyond excited to be starting this next chapter of our lives and would not be here without you. For that, we are so truly grateful. We want you to know that we admire your strength and courage as you make this difficult decision. Know that we are here to support you through this journey in any way we can. We cannot wait for you to become part of our lives.

Our Adoption Story & Promise To You

We have known since very early on in our relationship that we would not be able to conceive a child naturally. At the age of fourteen, Joe was treated for cancer, and the treatment made it impossible to have a biological child. We learned about our various options to create a family and knew that adoption was the path for us. Adoption is very near and dear to us. Kathleen's grandmother was an orphan and was raised in an orphanage in Spain. Our brother-in-law, Alex, was adopted as a newborn, and we spoke to him early on in our adoption journey to view adoption from his perspective. We are so excited to become parents through adoption! We hope to have some degree of openness with you (if you would like) so that our child will know their birth mom. We promise to give your child a loving, caring, and nurturing home. We will do everything we can for your child and provide unconditional love.

Special Children in Our Lives

We have many children in our lives that are special to us. We both are the Godparents for Jensen, the son of a close family friend. Kathleen is the Godmother to Alex, Lizzie, and Lyla, children of Kathleen's closest friends. We also have our niece, Charlotte, and nephew, William. We make a point to visit them regularly. We are so honored that our friends and family have chosen us to play such a significant role in their children's lives.

About Us

We have the unique story that we are high school sweethearts. We have been together for fourteen years and married for five years. Our wedding ceremony took place in a Catholic Church and our reception was at a venue in upstate NY. We are both Catholic and plan to raise our child in this faith.
With respect to our relationship, we trust and love each other unconditionally and will always be there for each other no matter what. Over the years, our relationship has grown stronger. We are incredibly happy spending time together and enjoy being in each others lives. We make all important decisions together as a team and care about each others opinions. We are each others best friends. We are beyond excited to share this love with our future baby.

Meet Kathleen

Hi, I'm Kathleen!
I am a clinical pharmacist at the Veterans Hospital. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and my Doctorate in Pharmacy. I enjoy playing with our puppies, watching TV, playing sports, and hanging out with Joe. I am currently watching all the new Disney TV series. I also really like doing puzzles (I call it puzzle-ing) and painting. I am so excited to become a mom! I will do everything I can to ensure your baby is safe and loved. I promise to be the best mom possible and to raise them to be honest, trustworthy, kind, and caring.

Meet Joe

Hi, I'm Joe!
I am an electrical engineer at an electrical contracting firm. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. I enjoy playing outdoor sports like ultimate frisbee and other adventurous activities with family and friends. Although I like being active and being outside, at my center, I am truly a nerd. From reading books, watching cartoons, playing board games, and playing video games, I still feel like a kid at heart. I am beyond excited to become a dad. I promise to keep your baby safe and love them dearly.

Our Home

We live in a nice 4-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom colonial house in rural New Jersey. We live on a cul de sac that has sidewalks and minimal traffic. There are many young families with children ranging in age from 1 - 18 years. We have developed relationships with our neighbors who are also excited for us to be adopting. We have a nice big front and back yard full of grass where we plan to play with our child. There is a lovely public park with swings and a basketball hoop within walking distance from our house. There are a lot of diverse restaurants we enjoy that are just a few minutes away. We also live close to many grocery and retail stores. We absolutely love our home and neighborhood. We have already started preparing our nursery. We are so excited to bring our baby home!

Meet Our Pets

We have three furbabies at home that are super excited to meet their new sibling! Meeko is our 9-year-old bunny rabbit. He is spoiled as he gets an entire room to himself. Zoe is our 6-year-old Havanese. She is a mama's girl. She loves to go outside and play soccer and then cuddle up in mama's lap. Akela is our 2-year-old Bernedoodle. Akela loves to play with her toys and run around in the yard. She loves playing with her sister, and Joe is currently making her his new running buddy.

Our Traditions

Family is extremely important to us. We both grew up in loving homes with supportive families and those relationships continue to remain close today. We have numerous family traditions that we hold dear to us. For Thanksgiving, we host Kathleen's entire side of the family. Every person contributes by bringing a different dish to share. During the Christmas season, we alternate locations to be able to spend the holiday with both sides of our families. We look forward to our annual secret Santa gift exchanges with siblings and partaking in the feast of the seven fishes (a traditional Italian Christmas Eve dinner which Joe's family has continued for generations). On Christmas day, Kathleen's side is up by six am to start opening presents with a mid-breakfast break before returning to open the remaining gifts. We are excited to experience all these traditions with our child and look forward to creating new memories together as a family.

Hobbies & Interests

There are so many things we enjoy doing! We absolutely love board games. We own over one hundred board games and have an entire wall in the guest bedroom dedicated to them. We went on a board game themed cruise in 2020 where over half of the attendees were there for the sole purpose of meeting new people and playing board games. Some may call us nerdy 🙂 We enjoy the outdoors and going on hikes and have been gathering more supplies needed to camp and backpack. Our first backpacking trip together was a 10-mile strip along the Delaware Water Gap. We also love to travel. We enjoy traveling across the U.S. and abroad whenever we get the opportunity. We have close relationships with our family and friends, so many of our trips involve going to visit them often. Over the past couple of years, we had the opportunity to travel to Colorado, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Bahamas, Mexico, and Bermuda. We plan to continue going on these adventures with our family. We are also Disney fanatics! Earlier this year, we spent a whole week at Disney World with Joe's family. We are so excited to bring our child there and spoil them with all things Disney!

Kathleen's Family

My immediate family consists of myself, my mom & dad, and my two younger sisters, Jennifer and Rebecca. Jennifer got married last year to Alex, and Rebecca is in a relationship with Nick. I talk to my family almost daily and try to see them at least once a month. I have fond memories of my childhood with my family. I recall the nightly family dinners, making mud pies, rollerblading, biking with my sisters, and sharing a bedroom with my youngest sister. I remember how my grandparents watched me and my sisters while my parents worked, annual camping trips we took with our neighbors, and trips to Knoebels Amusement Park each year. My family is very supportive and encouraging. They are all aware of our plans to grow our family through adoption and are excited to welcome the newest member of the family.

Joe's Family

My immediate family consists of myself, my mom & dad, my brother Dave and sister Kathy. Dave is married to Ali, and Kathy is married to Bill. Kathy and Bill have two children, William (age 6) and Charlotte (age 2). I am very close with my family. I talk to them often, live down the street from my brother and within 3 hours of my parents and sister. We make sure to visit each other as often as we can. I am excited to introduce our future baby to my niece and nephew. They are ready to have a cousin! My family is very close, and we do a lot of activities together. Growing up, every year we would take a vacation to a unique location that no one had been before. My dad had to travel for work, and as a result, I was able to visit over 40 U.S. states. We also take time to visit extended family including having an annual reunion with all the aunts and uncles on my dad's side. My entire family is aware of our plan to adopt and is incredibly supportive.


Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. We would be honored to give your baby a home with unconditional love. We promise to give your baby a loving, welcoming, nurturing home to grow up in. We will forever love your child with all our hearts. No matter if it is us you choose, we know you will find the right path for your child and wish you nothing but the best.

With all our love,
Kathleen & Joe