Hi, it is so nice to meet you!
Joy and Will

First, thank you for the love and courage that brought you here and the time you are taking to get to know us. We hope that this book provides a glimpse into our life and our hearts.
Although we may have walked different paths to get here, we share the same love, hope, and faith in this journey; for that, we are so grateful for you. Ultimately, we want you to make the best decision for you and your child. We would be honored to have the opportunity to get to know you more and share more about us.

Much love,

Joy & Will


While dating, we were both counselors at a summer camp which focused on and advocated for children in foster care. It was during this time that we got to witness first-hand the love and bond that can be formed through adoption. Even before we were engaged, we talked a lot about how we wanted adoption to be part of growing our future family.

Once we were married and ready to start a family, we found out that we had unexplained infertility. Since adoption was always part of our plan, we knew this was the right path for us. Who are we kidding - it was not easy to have one door closed to us, but what this experience has taught us really outweighs the struggles we have been through and the sense of loss we felt. Together and as individuals, we became more than who we were - more resilient, more patient, more empathetic, and more faithful. And all this has brought us to you 🙂


We promise (the pinky swear, cross your heart kind) ...
To be your partner in this process. To respect you, to be open and honest with you, and to support you through the journey.

To love your child unconditionally with our whole hearts. To protect them, be kind to them, laugh and play with them, teach them, respect and listen to them, and be their biggest cheerleaders.

To love each other and provide a warm home. We have had the privilege of growing up in households filled with love. We will try our absolute best to provide the same loving environment for your child.

About Us

We met nearly ten years ago at Cowboy Red River in Dallas, Texas (we know, super Texan of us, haha!). At the time, we were both working in Dallas and went out to go two-stepping with a group of friends. A mutual friend introduced us, and we hit it off right away. It was a crazy time because Joy was interviewing for a job in Seattle and within three weeks of meeting, Joy moved away. We decided to stay together because we knew there was something special about our relationship and a little over a year later, Will flew to Seattle and proposed. We were married exactly two years and two months from the day we met.

We are best friends first and foremost and after all of these years together, Joy still feels like every night is a fun sleepover, and Will still gets excited at the idea of a night on the couch watching TV and holding hands. Looking back, it is crazy how we found each other - a girl born and raised for her first years of life in China and then in Texas and a boy born and raised in Texas. But our shared values, sense of adventure, and wacky humor brought us (and kept us) together.

Our weekends consist of getting our favorite bagels and walking by the Hudson River with our pup, Mochi. We love a good workout and picked up cycling a few years ago. We also enjoy making silly TikTok videos (that is the eternal teenager inside of us!) and going to the movies (yes, we still believe in theaters!). Lastly, we love hosting friends over for brunch or dinner and look forward to more in-person hangouts post-COVID.

Meet Joy

If Joy was a puppy, she would be Mochi! Small, adorable and cute, but commands the respect of those around her and does not settle for second best. She is my best friend. Whenever we are together, we are laughing with and at each other. Our goofiness is one of the best parts of our relationship.

Joy is really the full package - her positive energy makes her a joy to be around. She is incredibly attentive to everyone around her and is especially skilled in balancing her work with quality family time. She has a gift for building and maintaining deep and lasting relationships with our family and friends.

Joy works in marketing at a large skincare company and has really been enjoying working from home. She loves the short commute (haha) and the flexibility working from home has provided.
This journey of building our family has been a long and tough one for both of us, but through it all, Joy never lost sight that this was God's plan for us. Watching the way she has navigated this time in our lives with grace makes me confident she is going to be the most amazing mother.

1. She is a bookworm at heart, and really enjoys spending time in a bookstore.
2. She was on the swim team in high school and played violin and piano growing up.
3. While she is much smarter than me, she is terrible with directions and can get lost easily - we are both thankful for Google Maps!
4. Her hidden talent is her ability to fall into a deep sleep in no time at all!
5. Her favorite TV shows include Sex in the City, The Office, and more recently, Ted Lasso.
6. Her favorite snacks are Flaming Hot Cheetos and Takis (or really anything spicy!).
7. She entertains my passion for football, despite only cheering for the players she finds the most attractive.
8. She speaks with her family multiple times a week and can talk to her mom for over an hour at a time.
9. If she could do anything other than her current job, she would either be a stand-up comedian or a reality TV star.
10. She is a very talented doodler! She draws really cute characters on letters and notes and even drew a cartoon on a poster to welcome me home at the airport after a business trip.

Meet Will

If Will was a puppy, he would be a Goldendoodle. Playful, clumsy, and fiercely loyal, protective, with the biggest heart. Will works in sales and has been with the same company for the past ten years. It is the perfect job for him because he can strike up a conversation with anyone and genuinely loves getting to know others.

Our relationship is like the game of paddle ball, I am the ball that goes all over the place, and he is my paddle, serving as my forever home base and keeping me grounded no matter what life may throw at us. I used to tell him that it was annoying how he is as kind as he comes across and how I swear my parents love him more! 🙂

I have always known that he will be an amazing father and I know he has been dreaming about it for a long time. Will even wrote in his wedding vows that he looks forward to being our kids' little league coach one day. He wholeheartedly wants to be a dad and I know he will be a natural.

1. He was an avid trumpet player in high school and the captain of the Rowing team in college (a nerd and athlete in one!)
2. He is a great cook - his best recipes are his apple pie (from his mom), his lasagna, and his fish tacos.
3. When something awkward is happening on TV, he buries his face under a blanket.
4. He has a secret talent for parallel parking - it is quite something!
5. He has a special nightly routine with our pup, Mo, where she waits for a snuggle from him every night before we go to bed... so sweet!
6. He gets scared easily (and it doesn't help that I love pranking him!).
7. He split his chin open doing the worm on the dance floor at a wedding ☹
8. Five years ago, for a charity auction, he shaved his beard into the shape of stars and kept it for a week.
9. His favorite sports to play are golf and soccer; but his favorite sport to watch is football (he is a big Cowboys fan!)
10. He gives the best hugs - seriously, our friends have commented on this before 🙂


Mochi (Mo) is an essential member of our family. She is an eight-year-old Shihpoo and is the boss ????. Coming in at five pounds, she has a larger-than-life personality and reminds us every day the meaning of unconditional love and the importance of appreciating the little things. She is great with babies and toddlers and is super gentle. Her favorite things are treats, walks, naps, and toys. She also has a pretty solid wardrobe!


We are proud first-time home owners as of August 2020! Our warm and welcoming condo is right up against the Hudson River and is in the heart of a rapidly growing community in Jersey City, NJ. We have a children's play area and swimming pool at our doorstep. The area is home to many young families with kids of all ages. Aside from amazing restaurants and entertainment that are only steps away, we are a short walk from Liberty State Park, where it is easy to ride bikes and have picnics. We chose Jersey City to call home because of the great schools here and also, it is close enough to NYC to have exposure to culture and opportunities while also having enough personal space without being worried about overcrowded streets or sidewalks.


Both of our families live in Texas, but we speak to them often (thank goodness for WeChat and FaceTime!). Joy video chats with her mom at least a couple of times each week, and Will's family keeps in touch over group text. We also never miss a chance to see each other in person and try our best to be there for the special moments, including a surprise birthday visit to celebrate Will's dad's 60th and a surprise visit to Joy's home for Mother's Day last year. All of our family is beyond thrilled that we are growing our family through adoption and are so excited to welcome a new little one into their lives.

Even though we live far from our family in Texas, we are lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing friends - whom we consider family. We love getting together to try new restaurants, going to comedy shows, or hosting them in our home. They have all been incredibly supportive of our adoption journey - from asking us what books/articles they can read to buying us our first baby book. The diversity of our friends (both in ethnicity and experience) and their willingness to step in and support us however we need give us comfort that our child will be raised by a loving and accepting village!


Our two favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas. Every year for Halloween, we host a costume birthday party for Mo, where we invite friends (and their pups) to our home and everyone dresses up in Halloween costumes. We always have homemade dog treats for other puppies, a cake for Mo, and Chick-fil-A for the humans!

Since we don't live close to our families, we treasure the time we have together every year for Christmas. Joy's family has a tradition of going on a nine-mile walk on Christmas day while Will's family likes to gather around the table for a game of Pinochle. Joy's family also makes all of Will’s favorite food every year when we are back home, including hot pot and dumplings.

With Love

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for your selfless love that has brought us together. Although we cannot fully understand all that you are going through, we are so appreciative of your courage and resilience in getting here. We are 100% committed to this journey and should we be blessed with the opportunity, we promise to love your child unconditionally and provide them every opportunity to grow up to be the best version of themselves.

Thank you again for taking the time to get to know us and for considering us (imagine a Texas-sized hug from us!).

much love,
Joy and Will