Nice to Meet You!
Jonah and Mike

We want to thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. As you read about us, you will see that we have a really close and personal connection to adoption since Mike was adopted himself, as a newborn. We know first-hand that you are making a big decision for you and for your baby and we completely respect your choices, no matter what you decide.

We are so excited to be growing our family through adoption as it feels a little bit like life has come full circle. We are in a long-term and loving relationship (13 years now!) and cannot wait to open our hearts to your baby. As you read our book, we hope you’ll see how much joy and love we have to offer as parents.

We hope to have the chance to get to know you better and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our Adoption Story & Promise to You

We are very excited to become first-time parents through adoption, and we cannot wait to welcome a little one into our family.

Adoption has a very special place not only in our hearts, but also in the hearts of our entire family. Mike’s parents started their family the very same way when they opened their hearts and welcomed Mike into their world.

We know that just like Mike’s birth parents, you want the very best for your child. And we are pretty sure you feel that in a way, you are taking a leap of faith as you choose a family to provide for the best and brightest future possible for your baby. We want the same thing, and we promise that we will do everything within our power to provide a safe, supportive and most of all, a loving home for our child.

It is sometimes hard to put into words just how much gratitude we all have, so Mike and his parents have written little notes to you.
Hopefully this will explain their feelings about his adoption, straight from their hearts.

Marian & Fred, Mike's Parents

“We are so grateful to Mike’s birth mother for trusting us to raise him. Mike and Jonah are such great guys, and we know they’ll be great fathers. While we did not have a chance to meet Mike’s birth parents,
we are so excited that Mike and Jonah might have that chance for their family with open adoption.”

About Us

We met on a summer night just over thirteen years ago while we were hanging out with friends at a bar in Manhattan. Actually, it was Jonah’s friend Jason who invited Mike to join them, and well, the rest is history. As Mike has said, “the moment I saw his eyes, I knew.” We have been together ever since.

We love to spend time at home, relaxing and catching up with the latest shows on Netflix: scifi and documentaries for Mike, old movies & British mysteries for Jonah. We’re also big readers and look forward to sharing our favorite children’s books with a little one, like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Charlotte’s Web.
On the weekends, you will find us stocking up on groceries so that we try new recipes with our Instant Pot (our magical pressure cooker).

Meet Jonah

Jonah is creative, confident, intelligent and funny. He grew up in North Carolina with two brothers - one older and one younger. His mom and dad own their own business, working with hotels and casinos. Some of his happiest memories from growing up are creating art projects with his dad and baking with his mom.

His parents taught him the importance of education and following his passion. They also provided him with the support and love to embrace creativity and learning as an important part of his life.
He's had the same amazing voice teacher for the past seven years, and once in a while, I can convince him to sing in a concert or perform in a community theater production. He has such a great voice! I cannot wait to hear him sing lullabies to a baby one day

Animal Lover

Playing a Porter in "On the Twentieth Century"

Singing a Song from "Book of Mormon"

Jonah is a lifelong musical theater nerd and is so happy to work in the theater industry in New York. He has a great job working on the accounting team at a company that licenses plays and musicals.
His workplace is super supportive of the parents in the office. They are flexible with hours and Jonah will be able to work from home when necessary.

Nature Lover

Running the New York Marathon

Uncle Mike

Meet Mike

Mike is one of the kindest and most honest people I know, and he always puts others first. He grew up with his parents and his two sisters in Connecticut, though the family also lived in Massachusetts, New York, Michigan and Virginia.

Once Mike puts his mind on a goal, there is no stopping him! At work, he became vice president of marketing at a software company at a young age. I think his coworkers love him as much as I do, and they're really excited that we're growing our family through adoption.

Outside of work, he is a long distance runner who has completed the Brooklyn Half Marathon, the San Francisco’s Bay to the Breakers, and the New York City Marathon. He is definitely not afraid to get down and dirty in the mud in a Tough Mudder obstacle course. Though I really admire his dedication to running, I simply cannot keep up!


We live in Brooklyn in one of the best and safest neighborhoods in all of New York City.Our bright and comfortable apartment has been our home for the past five years. Our friends are jealous that we have central AC, a real luxury in New York!

Our apartment is in a really central area so we can get right into the city in just about twenty minutes. This makes Jonah's commute to work so easy while Mike is able to walk to work!

Our neighborhood is full of families, and on weekends the parks and farmers markets are filled with parents and children.

We live close to two parks, each with a playground; a pool; and two library branches.

Our Adventures
Our Family
Wonderful Memories

Thank you for considering us in your search for an adoptive family.

We would be honored if you chose us to be fathers to your child. Even if we don't have the opportunity to meet, we wish you peace and hope you find the best family possible.

With love and respect,
Jonah and Mike