Jessica and Robert
Jessica and Robert AFC Profile

Hi! It is so very nice to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We know that the decisions you are making weigh heavy on your heart and that this journey is a difficult one. We cannot begin to imagine what you are going through but we admire you so much and know that your choices are a reflection of the deepest and purest kind of love you have for your baby. No matter where you are on this journey or where you arrive in your decisions, please know how much we support you and respect you.

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to connect with you through our book. We hope as you turn the pages, you feel connected to who we are and find comfort in the parents we wish to be. More than anything, we want you to know how much we will love and cherish your child. We promise to always put their needs first, to encourage their happiness, and honor who they are and who they dream to be, through every stage of their life.

With love and gratitude,

Jessica and Robert

Jessica and Robert AFC Profile

Like all couples, we have been challenged by our share of life's obstacles. In her mid-twenties, Jessica went through some health issues which resulted in infertility. This was definitely a shock, but more than anything, it felt like a sign because adoption was always on our minds.

We have been together for nearly ten years and have really grown as a couple and as individuals. We have been able to take the time to put the pieces in place so that when we do welcome a child into our family, we are the very best version of ourselves and are able to provide for them and support them in every way. And this is what brings us here today, to a lifelong journey we hope to take with you. We will raise your child to know your strength and bravery and will make sure they know what a beautiful and selfless decision you made for them.


We are not only incredibly excited to become parents but we are also 100% ready. Both of us come from families who moved around quite a bit and we want nothing more than to give stability and consistency to your child. We promise to always provide a safe place to call home, to surround them with unconditional love and acceptance, and to encourage them in every dream they chase.

All About Us

We met through work nearly ten years ago. We were both working at a restaurant, and one night, a group of us got together after our shift. We really hit it off - we had so much to talk about and just felt such a great connection. Pretty soon after, we began seeing each other and the rest as they say, is history. Time really does fly - we have been together for nearly a decade!

We were blessed to find each other at a young age and because of that, we have grown side by side. We have loved and supported each other through all of the changes and circumstances of our twenties - finishing school, navigating our careers, tackling medical challenges, building our finances, facing loss in our families - we have experienced everything together. Our roots are tangled and our foundation is strong. Our marriage is truly a partnership - we really complement each other.

Jessica has never been a great cook. Literally, just the other day, she was trying to heat up food for ten minutes before I walked in and pointed out that she had the wrong burner turned on! But it is okay because I love to cook. Robert could spend hours in the grocery store, he goes down every aisle (more than once) and reads every label. He keeps us fed and grounded.

Jessica on the other hand is incredibly organized. She always remembers to pick up gifts for upcoming birthdays, book doctors and dentist appointments, schedule car tune-ups, and get our taxes filed. She keeps our home running.

We love going to events together. Robert, being from Maryland, is a huge fan of the Ravens football team, the Orioles baseball team, and the Capitals hockey team. Jessica is a fan of the San Antonio Spurs basketball team.

We are really excited for our home city to get its first pro sports team this year and already have season tickets for the Austin FC soccer games. We often go to music concerts, or performances like the ballet. We also love to try new restaurants, go golfing, watch movies, and take walks with our dogs (Graham and Storm).

About Jessica

Jessica is fiercely independent, hardworking, and driven. She was born in Texas but lived in six states and two countries, all before she was sixteen, because her father was in the Marine Corps. As a first-generation college grad, Jessica worked several jobs to put herself through school and earn her bachelor's degree in Mass Communications. She then went on to earn her Master’s in Business Administration online (while still working her full-time job). She now works from home as the Director of Marketing for a venture capital firm that invests in education technology companies.

Jessica loves books - she wakes up an hour early every day so that she can take her time reading while she drinks her morning coffee and is back in the pages before she falls asleep each night. She also loves to spend time outside and is always convincing me to visit gardens, go on hikes, or check out new parks with her.

I know Jessica is going to be an amazing mother. She is resilient, adaptable, and gives her all to everything that she does.

About Robert

Robert has a calm and cool sense about him, and he is incredibly supportive. He makes everyone laugh and always has a witty thought to share.

He was born in Baltimore but spent his childhood split between Baltimore, Hawaii, and Texas because his parents had government jobs. Robert pursued his bachelor's degree for several years before taking some time off from school. During this time, he was presented with an opportunity in restaurant management. Having always been a whiz with math, and a bit competitive, his career took off and he was promoted through the ranks into the role of general manager for one of the largest restaurant chains in Texas.

I have always been so impressed by how much his employees adore and look up to him. He is generous and kind and relates to people with understanding and compassion.

He becomes very invested in his passions (he could rattle off any sports stat, write out a list of the top restaurants in Texas organized by food type or write an essay on his favorite comic book characters, lol). His passion, sense of humor, and practical nature shine through in everything that he does.

I cannot wait for Robert to become a father. He is one of the most open minded and accepting people I know, so I have no doubt that he will support your child in everything they aspire to do and be.


We live in Austin, Texas, and love our city - there is no shortage of adventure and opportunity here!

We recently sold our home and moved to South Austin. We live in a great area with a four-acre park, plenty of nature trails, a swimming pool, fitness center, off leash dog park, and game room, all within our complex.
Our neighborhood is not only close to everything we could ever need but is also home to some of the best schools. Our commute to downtown Austin is about 15 minutes, but our area is less congested than the central city and much more family oriented, which for us, is really important.


Meet Graham and Storm, our two dogs! They are fun and playful but also love to just cuddle up and snore away. Both are amazing with kids and very gentle.
We are excited about the idea of raising a family which includes our furry and very loyal companions!


Our entire family and circle of friends could not be more excited for us to be growing our family through adoption. Not to mention, we know they are ready to spoil a new little bundle of joy! We are both the oldest children in very large families. Robert is one of seven, and Jessica is one of four. We have one nephew - a thriving toddler named Jameson, but we expect our family to grow as our siblings and their partners settle down and start their families. Growing up as the oldest in a big family prepares you for parenting in so many ways - we were the built-in babysitter, the mentor, the protector, and were (and are!) constantly taking the lead, roles we both hold near and dear to our hearts.

We have also been blessed with an incredible group of friends, the closest of which are in a similar stage of life (married and growing their families). Your baby will be surrounded by love in every direction.


We never pass up an opportunity to celebrate a holiday together!

We celebrate Thanksgiving with Robert's family where there are always at least 12 people at the table every year. We start planning the menu in October and everyone pitches in with the cooking!

Christmas is our favorite holiday. We bring home a real Christmas tree the first weekend after Thanksgiving and then decorate together. Throughout December, we watch all of the classic movies (Family Vacation is Robert's favorite, Jessica's is The Night Before), visit all of the light shows around town, and have hot chocolate nights. We have special celebrations with each of our families. For Jessica's, we have a long running tradition of Secret Santa! We usually draw names in November, and it adds a fun mystery and takes the stress out of our gift giving.

In Robert's family we celebrate everyone's birthday with a special get together and dinner (birthday person picks the meal). For his large family, there are 12 of us total with everyone and their significant others, and we can count on a celebration nearly every month (sometimes multiple times a month), and we love the excuse to spend time together.

In our family, Ravens football game days are treated with care. We typically get together at Robert's parents' house for the big games. Everyone wears their favorite player's jersey and watches together. Even those of us less interested in football (Jessica falls in this group!) find the novelty in it.

We cannot wait to share our traditions, and make new ones too, when we are lucky enough to become a family of 3.


As two people who grew up on the move, we both have a strong desire to know and see the world. We love to travel together!

When we are in a new city, we are adventurous with food! San Francisco was one of our favorite cities to visit because they have such a huge variety of restaurants. Traveling has always gotten us out of our comfort zones. On a trip to Arizona, we started every day with yoga, and even took up writing in journals. We take the dogs when we can, like our recent visit to Colorado.

We look forward to sharing these experiences with your child. But more than anything, we want to build a home that is a safe and stable place to return to after every adventure.


Thank you again for taking the time to read our book and for getting to know us. We hope that these pages allow you to connect to who we are and who we will be as parents.

We understand that the decision you are faced with is not an easy one and we admire your strength and bravery as you take the time to figure out what is best for you and your baby.

We are so grateful for the gift of adoption and would love nothing more than to go on this journey, together with you. Our hearts are with you as you make this decision.

With love,
Jessica and Robert