Dear Birth Mother,
Jenn & Lou

First, we want to start by saying how much we admire you for making this very difficult and brave decision. We know how much thought and time really goes into this process for you.

What we'd like to do in these pages is leave you with a sense of comfort, should you choose us for your child. There are no words to express how extremely grateful we are and we promise to always do our very best and will always provide all of our love and support to your child. We have so much love to give and we are excited to have our family grow!

Hopefully we have the chance to get to know each other better soon.


Jenn and Lou

Our Adoption Story

We started talking about our dreams for having a family pretty early on. Lou comes from a BIG family with 7 brothers and sisters and 16 nieces and nephews! I have 4 brothers and a niece and a great nephew. We are all super close and this made us realize even more that we definitely want a family of our own.

When we realized that getting pregnant the traditional way wasn't happening as quickly as we had hoped, we went to a fertility clinic to get tested and found that I have little to no eggs. That doctor then sent us to a different specialist for a second opinion and also to see if there was anything they could do to help us. What we learned was that any options out there would really be risking my health. And so began our adoption journey. To be honest, I have always talked about adopting, especially when I was younger (maybe I have a sixth sense, lol!) but in all seriousness, at that moment, Lou also knew that adoption was absolutely, without a doubt, the right way for us to start our family.

We both come from amazing families who have supported our hopes and dreams. We plan on passing on that same support to our child. We will talk to them about their birth story and will encourage them to ask questions and make sure that they feel free to express themselves wherever and however possible.

This has been an interesting journey for us. As with anything in life that doesn't quite go your way, there is a time of questioning and trying to figure things out. But truly, this has made us stronger and the further we go, the more certain we are that we are making the right choice. We are solid in our relationship and as individuals and have so much love to share with a little one. We promise that your child will always have unconditional love, not only from us, but from a great big family that is patiently awaiting his/her arrival and will also have a huge support system and a promise for the best future possible.

Our Promise to You

Education is also something that is important to us. I have my Master's Degree and am a social worker. Lou went to trade school and is an engineer and is a part of a union. Both of us went different routes, but we both understand and believe in the importance of hard work and being true to who we are. No matter what your child wants to pursue in life, we will be there every step of the way to make sure he/she has every opportunity to make that a reality.

Having said all of that, our dream is to become parents and raise your child to become a good-hearted person - a person with morals and wisdom, and someone who acts with kindness to all. That is our truest hope for a child one day. We have done so many exciting things in our relationship and in our lives and now we dream about sharing those (and new!) experiences with a child.

All About Us

Lou and I met online, like so many people do these days. It took no time and we were quickly talking as though we knew each other forever. We talked about everything - from the things we wanted from life to what we liked to do for fun. Our first actual date was at a Hibachi restaurant where they cook the food at your table. Those tables usually seat about nine people so we had to share a table with a bunch of strangers! I could tell that Lou was a good and sweet guy because he was so friendly and social with the other people we were seated with. He just has a way of making people feel comfortable in what otherwise could be a very awkward situation!

Part of why we get along so well is because we happen to enjoy doing a lot of the same things. Every year we now have the tradition of going to the cherry blossom festival. We like shopping for things for our home, going to the movies, exploring new cities, taking road trips, and travelling every once in a while. We like to try new foods, whether we go out and try a new restaurant or cook something new at home, we truly enjoy each other's company. On the weekends, we visit our families and just enjoy all being together.

About Jenn
Through Lou's Eyes

Jennifer is a social worker. She works with at-risk youth and their families providing therapy. She is a very serious person when it comes to her job. Jenn is always available to lend her ear when people are going through a tough time. I know she will be an amazing emotional support should your child experience any obstacles growing up.

In her personal life, she is a fun-loving and caring person. She is always very playful when hanging out with our nieces and nephews. With her family, it's like living in a sitcom where everyone is always laughing and in good spirits. In her free time, she enjoys visiting with friends and seeing her godchildren.

One of the reasons I love Jennifer was because she is a strong woman. I appreciate her independence and it makes me so happy when I think about your child learning that from her one day.

About Lou
Through Jenn's Eyes

Lou is one of the hardest workers I know. That may have been one of the first things I noticed, but that was soon topped by the way that he loves his family and how he is always there when they need him. Without judgment or questions.

Lou is an engineer for a union in the city. He is really good at fixing things, which is awesome, cause my handy lady skills are minimum. His father taught him how to build and fix things and he has already told me that whether we welcome a baby boy or girl into our lives, he/she will get passed down the same skills. I love this about Lou!

In Lou's free time, if he is not visiting his family, he is home fixing old electronics. He loves music and anything retro.

One of my favorite things about Lou is that no matter how bad of a day I am having, he can make me laugh. I haven't figured out how he does it, but there is no possible way of staying in a bad mood around him.


We live in a pretty diverse community. There are tons of parks nearby and kids riding their bikes up and down the block all year round. We are close to New York City so its easy to pop in there to see all the sights and excitement and then come back to the quiet suburbs. When we need an even bigger change of pace, we will visit Jenn's parents who live out in the country. You can see every star at night and there is always wildlife in the yard. Our neighborhood has excellent schools and our home is really comfortable and easy to live in. We have pictures up of family and books and art, but not like a museum 😉

We always want our home to feel welcoming for anyone who enters it. We mostly hang out in our dining room and living room which is a big open space - especially when we have family over, it is where all the gathering happens. When it's just us we can usually be found in the living room playing with Nesta and catching up on our shows.


Nesta is a Tibetan Terrier. He is the real reason people come to visit us, lol. He is such a loving dog. In fact, our nephew and Nesta were absolutely inseparable when they were here for the holidays. It was so sweet to watch! Nesta is really amazing with all kids and is also is a really good watch dog. Fun fact: Tibetan terriers are good luck dogs, they would help the monks in Tibet along their journeys. I know he will bring us luck on our journey as well.


Our family has been very supportive. Lou's sister and brothers both shared with him that they are excited for this journey we are on and without a doubt will love your child the same way they love the other 16 nieces and nephews we have running around! Both of our moms are so excited and have offered to help whenever needed (how lucky are we!?). My mother calls me daily to get updates while Lou's mom is patiently awaiting some good news.

Our family is so important to both of us. On holidays we split the day to spend time with both families. My family is from Italian descent, so food is always a big part of our holidays. My mom usually cooks a big meal and we all get to relax and spend time together. Lou's mom is also a master chef. They are from the Caribbean and we love when she comes over and makes amazing meals from whatever we have in the kitchen. So many people in our lives have children.

Sometimes our home is the main gathering spot. We have Friendsgiving where I invite my friends and my god kids over. Usually, we will find all the kiddos playing with Nesta! On New Year's, we had Lou's siblings and nieces and nephews over to celebrate with us. Family and friends mean the world to us and so our doors are always open.

Once we have a family of our own, we look forward to starting some new traditions as well!

Travel and Adventure

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about us. We hope that you were able to get a good idea of who we are and what kind of parents we will be (and how ready we are to welcome your baby into our world!). If you have any other questions, please ask away - we promise to always be open with you, no matter what.

We are sending you positive vibes and wishing you the best of luck as you make this decision for your child. While we are not in your shoes, we know that you are on this journey out of nothing but deep love for your baby and for this, you have our respect and admiration.

We hope to have the chance to get to know you.

With love,
Jenn & Lou