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Home Study & Post Placement Services

Alliance for Children has a thriving home study and post-placement program. It is designed for families who live in a state where we are licensed to conduct home studies and their placement agency is not. We are proud of the partnerships and relationships we have built with other agencies and work well with them to help make your adoption goals become a reality. When adoptive applicants use our home study and post-placement services, it allows them to consider adopting from a wider range of countries, programs and resources and provides them with the best of both worlds: an experienced, local agency to conduct their home study and a placing agency with expertise in the type of adoption they want to pursue.

Hosting and Home Assessments

Alliance for Children provides hosting assessments for families who decide to host a child. This is a wonderful way for families to get to know a child from overseas, and it offers a child the opportunity to see what it feels like to be a part of a family and to experience American culture, food and recreational activities. Some of these hosting situations lead to an adoptive placement and other do not – but all are valuable life experiences.  We work with a number of agencies and organizations that have hosting programs throughout Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. We also provide home assessments for guardianship, foster care and custody situations, step-parent adoptions and a number of child welfare systems. Our dedicated, caring staff members offer the same level of expertise to hosting and home assessments that we do with our domestic and international adoption home studies. 


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