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Home Study & Post Placement Services

The Alliance for Children has a large home study and post-placement program, which is designed for individuals and couples who live in a state where we are licensed but choose to work with a different placing agency. We are proud of the partnerships and relationships we have built with other agencies.

When adoptive applicants use our home study and post-placement services, it allows them to consider many more countries and resources and provides them with the best of both worlds: an experienced, local agency to conduct their home study, and a placing agency with expertise in adoptions from the country or resource they choose.


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Hosting Assessments and Home Safety Checks

The Alliance for Children provides hosting assessments for families who decided to host a child. This is a wonderful way for families to get to know a child from overseas and offers a child the incredible opportunity to see what it feels like to be a part of a family and to experience American culture, food, and recreational activities. We work with a number of agencies and organizations that have hosting programs throughout Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

We also provide home safety checks for custody situations, step-parent adoptions, and a number of child welfare systems. We are a Massachusetts vendor agency through CPCS (the Committee for Public Council Services) and may be able to provide expert witness testimony if needed.

Our dedicated, caring staff members offer the same level of expertise to hosting assessments and home safety checks that we do with domestic and international adoption home studies.

Domestic & International Home Study

Every adoption begins with a home study. Your home study will be completed by one of our caring and compassionate social workers. They understand the nerves you may be feeling and realize that the home study involves opening your hearts, minds and home.

Our goal is for your home study process to be engaging, informative and even fun! We enjoy getting to know our families and feel honored to be a part of each family’s adoption journey.

A home study is legally required for all adoptions. The various guidelines are established as a way to protect the best interests of children, to help ensure that each child will be placed in a safe and loving home and to provide information and education to prospective adoptive parents. The home study also allows couples and individuals to question, reflect and learn in preparation for parenting an adopted child.

In conducting a home study, we follow all state regulations as well as the requirements of the country you have chosen. The home study includes joint and individual interviews with each applicant and at least one in-person contact with each additional member of the household. At least one home study visit must be held in your home. This is not a “white glove” inspection, but rather a way to ensure that your home is a safe and healthy environment and is ready for an adopted child.

You will also need to collect documents such as a statement of good health, child abuse and criminal clearances, verification of income, reference letters and an autobiography. A minimum of 12 hours of parent training are required as part of this process to help prepare for possible issues that may arise. Once the visits and trainings are completed and all of the documents are collected, your social worker will write up the home study report. You will then be ready to move on to the next step in your journey!



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