Elizabeth and Philip

Thank you so much for reading our book and for taking the time to get to know us. We are truly grateful to have this opportunity, and while we know it is impossible to fully get to know anyone in such a short amount of space, we hope the next few pages show how excited we are to be parents and what is most important to us.
We know you are probably feeling a mix of emotions right now and we cannot imagine how difficult this decision must be. We are in awe of your selflessness. You need to feel completely confident and comfortable with the family you choose, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have or talk through any of your worries or concerns. We would be honored if you considered going on this journey with us and we would love to get to know you too, if that is something you are open to.
We wish you only the best, no matter what you decide.


We always knew we wanted to be parents, but how that would happen was more complicated. Elizabeth was born with a genetic heart condition, and despite successful open-heart surgery several years ago, being pregnant would probably not be the safest choice. Even though some doctors said it would probably be okay, we had already started looking into adoption and felt it was 100% the right choice for us. And we feel it is important to share with you that otherwise, Elizabeth is completely healthy and lives a full life!
Elizabeth has several cousins who are adopted as well (and she cannot imagine them not being in her life) and we both have seen how amazing and special it can be. While we know the process may have its challenges, making this decision was one of the easiest we have made.
We were both fortunate to grow up with incredible parents and we hope to provide the same loving, supportive and nurturing home to your child. We will instill compassion, empathy and respect for others and encourage them to be true to themselves and to go after their dreams.
Mostly, we want them to be happy and we will try every day to create that atmosphere in our home and help them find what brings them joy. We will always make sure there is plenty of time for fun and adventures too!
We have so many amazing people in our life and they are all SO excited to be a part of your child's life. One thing we can absolutely guarantee is how unconditionally loved they will be by so many. If you choose us to raise your child, we know that love would start with you, and we promise to make sure to honor that throughout your child's life.


We are incredibly lucky to have so many supportive and loving family members, both near and far. Philip's mom lives about 10 minutes away and we see her on a weekly basis, usually for dinner or an outing on the weekend. She can't wait to be a grandmother, although already is an honorary one to Philip's cousin Jessica's infant son, Randy. No one can get him to stop crying quite like she can! Jessica and her husband Adam (and now Randy) are usually part of our weekly dinners and Philip and Jessica consider one another like siblings. Philip's father passed away in early 2020, but he is always remembered through funny stories and memories.
Elizabeth's parents live about 15 minutes away and we see them on a weekly basis (if not more often) as well for walks, meals and day trips to places around the state. Elizabeth's dad loves to watch basketball games with her and Philip, and Elizabeth and her mom have had some amazing travel adventures together, including to England and Iceland, in recent years. Elizabeth's sister Erin and her husband Mike live in New Jersey with their daughter Addie (14 months) and while we don't see them as frequently, it is always great when the whole family can be together. Elizabeth's parents love being grandparents and they are so excited to add another grandchild. Most of Elizabeth's extended family lives in Bermuda and Canada, but we still see everyone a fair amount - and have way too much fun together when we do! Family weddings always involve all the men, including Philip, wearing their Bermuda shorts and socks!
We have a great group of friends - many of them have newborns or young toddlers so we are lucky to have quite a few amazing kids in our lives. We have so much fun hanging out and playing with them, and our dog Beau is definitely a favorite with all the kiddos. He even gets regular FaceTime requests these days.
Everyone is so thrilled about our plans to grow our family through adoption and they cannot wait to welcome a new bundle of joy. We feel like we already have so many offers to babysit!

About Us

Thank you for taking the time to read our book and learn a little bit about us. We cannot imagine how difficult this decision must be, and we are humbled you would consider us to go on this journey with you. If you choose us to raise your child, we would love him or her with everything we have and remind them constantly of how brave and courageous their birth mother is.
We would be happy to answer any more questions you may have. We know this can't be easy, and we will do anything we can to ease any concerns you may have.

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth is the most fun and caring person I know - and she shows me in new ways every day. She always puts the needs of others ahead of her own and her optimistic attitude shines on in everything she does. I think that she will be a wonderful mother, the best actually!
She loves to travel, LOVES the beach and will always go out of her way to make sure family activities are fun. She is an amazing daughter, whether it is acting as emergency tech support, going on Sunday hikes with her parents or inviting them over for a delicious home-cooked meal, she is devoted and dedicated and full of love.
Elizabeth has worked hard through her career and is an amazing writer for a sports broadcasting station. She has become the company's #1 tennis reporter and has also covered women's basketball, gymnastics and Olympic and college sports. Before the pandemic hit, she was scheduled to attend the Olympic Games live in Tokyo! Over the years, I have watched her become a master at interviews and storytelling.
Elizabeth is also by far the strongest person on Earth. She underwent significant heart surgery five years ago and through the entire process, she always kept a bright attitude. She is so upbeat and on-the-go that sometimes I forget she had to go through it at all!
She has definitely left me in awe. I cannot wait to go on this next journey with her.

Meet Philip

Philip is the most patient and thoughtful person I know, and he is going to be a great father. No matter what is going on in our lives, he always keeps such a level-head and an amazing perspective and knows exactly how to make me laugh even in the hardest moments. He has made my life infinitely better and I am so grateful to call him my partner.
Philip knew he wanted to be a sports editor when he was in elementary school and he made that happen. He majored in journalism in college and is now an editor for a major broadcaster, focusing mainly on basketball. He is an incredibly hard worker with so many creative ideas and listening to him talk to the writers he works with on the phone always makes me so proud. He knows exactly what to say to help them with what they are working on. One of the responsibilities of an editor is to make the writers words as good as they can be, and I think that sums Philip up perfectly - he always makes everyone around him better.
Philip has always loved playing sports and he played baseball and soccer growing up. These days, he loves to play golf, and is unbelievably good. He is the guy that everyone calls whenever they have a tournament to play in and they need teammates. Not to mention, he is a lot of fun to spend the day with 🙂
My heart surgery was a stressful time but Philip was by my side during every waking hour in the hospital. He always made sure I was as comfortable as possible, took detailed notes and asked the doctors a ton of questions and, maybe most importantly, kept me constantly entertained. He had to share a (small) hotel room with my parents during this time and yet, he still remained so positive and upbeat throughout. I still don't know how he did it.
His father died unexpectedly last year, and I have been so impressed by how much he has stepped up to help his mom without hesitation. He is truly a great husband and son, and I know he will be an even better father. As you can see, I love Philip very much!


We live in a three-bedroom, single-family home in a diverse and charming neighborhood in central Connecticut. We bought the home in June 2014 because we were drawn to the big backyard, deck and patio spaces - we love to spend our free time in the backyard in the warmer months (Philip has even become a great griller!).
Inside our home, we spend most of our time in our cozy living room watching movies or sports on TV, hanging with friends and hosting the occasional game night. Over the past year, we have been spending much more time in the kitchen, and our recipe list has grown. We have even become pros with the slow-cooker!
One of our favorite spaces in the house is our bonus room, which we have turned into a family theater with a large projector screen on the wall. We will routinely grab a bowl of popcorn and watch our favorite movies on the big screen.
Within walking distance from our home are two parks, both with playgrounds, walking trails and basketball and tennis courts. We go to them almost every day with the dog. One of the parks becomes a winter wonderland during the holiday season - it is known for its extravagant light shows and also happens to be the best sledding spot around when the snow starts falling.
We live in the best of both worlds: close to downtown of our city but near plenty of nature and a short car ride to the beach or some of the best hiking spots in the state. Having both grown up in this area, we know firsthand that this is a great place to raise a family.


During the holidays, we love to just spend as much time as possible relaxing with family. We begin the holiday season by baking dozens and dozens of Christmas cookies with Philip's mom, a tradition that has remained in the family for what seems like forever. Elizabeth is known for her world-famous peppermint bark - OK, maybe not world-famous, but we love it and her parents come over to the house every year to help us make it.
We love to decorate our Christmas tree and put up lights on our front porch. Our neighborhood is known for going all-out for the holidays, so walks around the neighborhood become extra entertaining.
Elizabeth has always loved Halloween, probably because her birthday is the day after and it always meant she got extra candy. We love to dress up, host Halloween parties and hand out candy to trick-or-treaters every year.
During the summer holidays (or any day during the summer, really), we love to get to the beach or go camping. We will take any chance to get outside and into the sunshine.
We can't wait to share these moments with your child and promise to make extra special memories together!


Almost immediately after buying our house, we wanted to get a dog as we are both lifelong animal lovers. After contacting and researching many rescue organizations, we found Beau - a Beagle and Jack Russell mix from Tennessee, who was found on the side of the road. He arrived in Connecticut after a 25-hour van ride with nothing but a leash and a collar and yet he marched into our house like he had been there his whole life. He has been part of the family ever since. We cannot imagine life without him; his sweet and playful personality brightens our days.
He loves to go on hikes or walks of any kind, play fetch with the tennis ball, hang out with Elizabeth's parents dog Rigby and cuddle. His perfect day involves all of those things, and he usually gets it at least once a week. He has become somewhat of a beloved figure with the children in the neighborhood and we are frequently told he looks like a cartoon dog whenever we walk by. He loves being around kids, and he can't stop wagging his tail whenever they approach him. He is definitely the sweetest and gentlest!

With Love

Thank you for taking the time to read our book and learn a little bit about us. We cannot imagine how difficult this decision must be, and we are humbled you would consider us to go on this journey with you. If you choose us to raise your child, we would love him or her with everything we have and remind them constantly of how brave and courageous their birth mother is.
We would be happy to answer any more questions you may have. We know this can't be easy, and we will do anything we can to ease any concerns you may have.

With love,
Elizabeth and Philip