Briana and Miles

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us. We cannot even begin to know what you are feeling or what you have been going through, but we sure are grateful that you love your child so much that you are willing to consider all of your options. We have thought so much about what it might feel like to read through our book and so we want to make sure that we are 100% open with you - we want you to see the real us as we share what our lives (and love!) look and feel like.
Our little family of three is ready to expand our hearts and welcome your baby into our lives. We love each other very much and we do our best to create a home filled with laughter, kindness and of course, unconditional love. Your child would be our missing piece, treated no differently from anyone else in our family.
We would be nothing shy of honored to have the chance to get to know you and answer any questions you might have about us. We wish you only the very best as you decide what is best for you and your baby and respect your decision, no matter what.


Growing our family through adoption is something we have talked about for a long time. Finding out we were pregnant with Theo was a surprise that has brought us so much joy. He is a wonderful little man who teaches us every day. Our desire to adopt a baby has never gone away and now we would love nothing more than to welcome a little one into our lives and Theo's life too.
Adoption is very close to our hearts. Briana's cousins as well as close friends are adopted and they have been very open in sharing their stories with us. We understand that everyone's story is unique, no matter where they come from, and this is something that we would honor every day. We feel strongly that we are meant to be parents all over again through adoption and we hope that you will see how much more love we have to share with your baby.


We love spending time with family and friends. We are lucky to have Miles's mom as well as Briana's brother and his wife living in the same town. Briana also has cousins in town who we like to meet at the beach and all the kids love to play together. Throughout the year, we make day trips to visit Briana's sister and her husband who live in Massachusetts.
We especially love meeting them in Boston for adventures at the Museum of Science. We have flown out to see Miles's sister in Ohio twice since Theo was born and she and her fiancé have been to visit us many times. Even though Miles's sister lives far away she is devoted to seeing Theo and has even scheduled her business trips to have long layovers in Boston so we can all meet and explore the Boston aquarium together.
We are still in close touch with many of our friends from high school and are either planning trips to see them or setting up our guest room for a visit with us. A lot of our friends have spread out across the country. We love traveling to see friends in New York, California, and Pennsylvania. Theo has traveled quite a bit over the past few years on visits to see both family and friends. We also have created a strong network of friends in our community. We have become close with families from Theo's preschool who we have shared many birthdays and even some holidays with.
We feel very lucky to have a close and supportive group of family and friends who are just as excited as we are to welcome a new addition to our family.

About Us

We met in our sophomore year of high school which is when Miles transferred to my school. We became quick friends and soon found ourselves hanging out together in the same group of friends and also spending time at each other's homes, with our families. It was definitely puppy love back in high school but that love evolved and matured through the years. After high school, we went off in different directions but always stayed in touch. Years later, we had both made our way back home to Rhode Island, and to each other. We have been inseparable ever since and have really grown as a couple. Through all of life's ups and downs, we have remained a united front and are each other's best friends.
Just over four years ago, we became first time parents when Theo was born. He is an absolutely amazing little boy who keeps us busy and on our toes. As a family of 3, we love to go to the beach, go on hikes, explore parks and museums, and travel to visit family and friends. Together, we enjoy working in our garden, bike riding, cooking, and dancing to our favorite songs. We have dinner together every evening where we share stories about our day and make plans for the upcoming days.
We are a very good team for problem solving and so much more. This is a skill that has been particularly handy when it comes to parenting. While we may not be perfect and we even disagree from time to time (who doesn't?!), we always work together as a team to find a solution. I am really proud of us for this!
One pretty big project that kept us busy for a while was restoring Briana's great-grandparents' farmhouse which we are so happy to now call home. Our dream is to now add to our family and fill our home with another little one to love unconditionally and care for. We devote all our love and most of our time to our little family and nothing would make us happier than welcoming your baby into our world and our hearts.

Meet Briana

Briana was raised in Nyack, NY with her loving parents, Bud and Bonnie as well as her old brother and younger sister and brother. Briana and her siblings shared an amazing childhood including summers in Rhode Island, sailing, hiking, and swimming, going on ski trips with her father, spending holidays with her grandparents, enjoying clam boils and BBQs with extended family and friends, and exploring antique shops and historic homes with her mother. Very sadly, Briana lost both of her parents within three years of each other. These were incredibly difficult times but her resiliency through loss and her ability to find the positives in life were (and still are) truly amazing. I am incredibly proud of her for this and so much more.
Briana is a warm and loving person. She is my best friend and has been for 25 years (wow!). Briana has a magnetic personality and you can tell how she lights up a room when you see how easy she is to talk to - people just naturally gravitate to her. She is warm, loving, compassionate and is the first to help others however she can. Have I mentioned that she is very persistent?! She does not like to give up!
Briana loves to travel and has had a chance to visit some amazing countries around the world with friends, family, and me, of course! Having Theo has not slowed her passion for traveling - he has already visited 12 states and she is so excited to share this passion with your child too. Briana is also a collector of all things nostalgic. She finds meaning and importance in most everything and cherishes all her keepsakes, especially Theo's school projects (mostly artwork!).
Speaking of Theo, Briana is the most incredible mom. I have watched her maternal instincts from day one. She is incredibly loving, nurturing and patient and nothing fills my heart more than to see her with Theo - from daytime routines to bedtime stories, she is a natural.
Briana works as a speech therapist and is amazing at what she does. She also has a lot of flexibility so when we are lucky enough to welcome a new little one home, she will be able to be home, especially during those first important months.
Briana has not only been my partner in life for these past 25 years but she is also responsible for keeping me laughing. She has a wicked sense of humor! If there is one thing I know for sure, it is that Briana is ready to welcome you and your child into our lives - her heart is open and she will love your child right alongside Theo, every step of the way.

Meet Miles

Miles was born in Goshen, NY and moved to Nyack, NY for high school. Miles' parents divorced when he was younger and so he spent time living with his mom and then with his dad. This is what brought him to Nyack, where we met. Even though life at home was not always easy, Miles found his source of love and support from his newly made friends (including me!). He spent a lot of those high school days playing basketball and skateboarding.
I can honestly say my love for him has never stopped growing, even after all these years. He is a very smart, funny, and hardworking man. He is an absolutely wonderful cook and every day he makes delicious breakfasts while packing lunches only to finish off the day with a 5-star dinner. He is always finding ways to have Theo help him in the kitchen which is very sweet to watch. I on the other hand have perfected the best way to burn toast, so we are very lucky to have a man who not only loves to cook but is also really good at it!
Miles is also very handy and takes on all my wild ideas. For example, one time a playground set on Craig's List. Without a second thought, Miles drove to get it, disassembled it, loaded it in his truck and rebuilt the entire playground once he got back home. It was a lot of work, but he did it because he wanted a fun place for Theo to play. Actually, the whole family, including Millie (our pup!) has had a great time on it.
Miles also came up with our "Sunday family adventure day". He finds a special destination where we have never been before, we all get in his truck and take a day trip which always ends in a really fun, cool location.
Miles is a wonderful husband and father. He is incredibly committed to us and has been from the very beginning. After he attended law school, he moved back to Rhode Island to be with me while I was dealing the loss of my parents and has been by my side ever since. He continues to provide a wonderful life for our family and has a ton of flexibility with his work schedule.
Miles is a one-of-a-kind dad and we are the luckiest to have him. He has been dreaming of growing our family through adoption and I know he is ready to love your child the same way he loves us - unconditionally and with his whole heart.


We live in Rhode Island and we love to call it home. We bought our house back in 2012 but the history and meaning of this house dates back to 1919 which is when Briana's great grandparents built it! It goes without saying that our house is very special to us. When we became the proud owners, the house needed a ton of work but we were up for the challenge.
We completely renovated it in 2018 and put a lot of sweat (and tears!) into making this our forever home. Every room is decorated with pictures and items we have collected over the years, and we are grateful to have so much history around us every day.
Our neighborhood is in a truly beautiful part of the country. We have lots of trails in the woods nearby and we love taking rides on our golf cart. We live close to the ocean shore and the bay is one minute down the road. We actually share a family cottage on the water there which has been so special for all of us. We love walking and playing on the beach and discovering seaside treasures. There are also parks and playgrounds in our area and the school district is one of the top in the state.
We love our home, not just for the special meaning it has, but for the amazing place it is to raise a family. We are so hopeful that we can add your child's pitter patter to our home.


We love celebrating the holidays! Christmas is always a lot of fun for us. There are loads of Christmas festivities in our community and one that we have really enjoyed with Theo has been the Santa Train. We get to have breakfast on a train that takes us near our neighborhood and Theo gets a chance to meet Santa so that he can share what he would like for Christmas. It is super cute! We also have a tradition of hanging a homemade shell ornament on one of the local beach Christmas trees. Grammy and Auntie Sam & Uncle Chris spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us. And then the rest of the aunts and uncles join us for a second Christmas celebration a day or two later. Miles makes delicious meals that everyone enjoys around our dining room table.
Valentine's Day is also a fun holiday for us. We love decorating our house with hearts, making heart cookies and making homemade Valentine's cards for Theo's class. In the Spring, we look forward to Easter. Grammy comes over to dye eggs and we join our friends for Easter egg hunts.
Summer months are the best because we really love being at our beach cottage with our extended family. That is where you will find us every Fourth of July holiday - watching fireworks together and sitting around the bonfire!
Nothing quite says holiday with kids like Halloween! Every year, we visit our local pumpkin patch and find our way through the corn mazes with Uncle Gavin and Aunt Marissa, of course followed by an (early!) evening of trick or treating with family and friends.
Each year, we are able to make such wonderful memories which we hope will last a lifetime. We can't wait to make some new memories as a family of four.


We are beyond excited to welcome a little one into our family through adoption but we think Theo might be the most excited! Theo is our sweet and thoughtful four-year-old who has wanted to be a big brother for quite a while now.
Theo loves waffles, playing in our garden, going to the beach, cuddling with Millie, playing with his friends, going to school, swimming, helping in the kitchen and being loved by his family.
His favorite superhero is Spider-Man, and he loves dressing up and going nuts around the house. He has the best sense of humor and really can nail a punchline. There is nothing better than hearing him laugh! He has a natural kindness and concern for others and we know he will be the best big brother.


Millie is our rescue dog from Texas. When Millie first joined our family, she was a bit shy but in no time, she eased right into our family routine. And now, three years later, she, is the happiest and sweetest dog ever. Millie is also really easy-going - she actually goes to work with Miles almost every day. She is super gentle and loves snuggling with Theo along with our nieces and nephews. Everyone who meets Millie immediately falls in love with her. We love her very much!

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We hope we were able to give you a view inside our family and the life we would welcome your baby into.
We realize you have a lot to consider when choosing the right family for your baby and we have so much respect for you, no matter what you decide. We want you to know that if we are the family you choose, your baby will be loved unconditionally with all the support and guidance, and will grow up knowing what an amazing and loving woman you are

With love,
Briana and Miles