Hello! We are so excited to be connecting with you here.
Blake + Elliot
Blake and Elliot AFC Profile

Hello! We are Blake and Elliot and we are so excited to be connecting with you here. We think this is probably the most important thing we will ever write together in our lives (no pressure, ha!) and we cannot thank you enough for taking the time to get to know us a little bit.

We can only imagine all the feelings you are having as you go through this process. We are beyond grateful you have decided to give adoptive parents like us the opportunity we have been dreaming of. We hope that through these pages, you will get an idea of who we are, the love we have for each other and just how ready we are to share that love with your baby.

No matter what you decide, we admire your strength and courage. We are an open book (quite literally!) and would be honored to answer any questions you have and also find out more about you and your dreams.

With love,

Blake & Elliot

Blake and Elliot AFC Profile

From the very beginning, we always knew we wanted a family. We actually discussed having children on our first date! We get that this is probably not everyone's style to put it all out there on a first date but we were hoping to find our life partner in each other and that had to include a dream of becoming parents one day.

As the birds and the bees taught us all, two men simply cannot make a baby. We spent plenty of time researching our options (everything from egg donors to surrogacy), and we kept coming back to adoption. Our hearts kept telling us that adoption is the only option that felt right for us as a way to build our family.

While we are not walking in your shoes, we can imagine we are right about a few things - you must be incredibly strong and courageous and you must love your baby very much. If you decide that we are the right parents to raise your child, we promise that your baby will be loved unconditionally, with all that we are and have. We will raise your child to honor you and the incredible gift of life you gave to them, and to us. We plan to have your photo as the first one in their baby book, so that you are always a part of their beautiful life story, because their life started with you. When it comes to having an open adoption, we are all in. We would love to hear what you are wanting so that we may come with a plan that feels good for you. We want to honor your wishes every step of the way.


Raising your child is the most important role we can take on in life, and this responsibility is one we are taking so deeply to heart. We are both incredibly energetic, adventurous men who plan to raise your child in a home that is filled with tons of love, support, imagination and endless play. Our home is the heart of our social circle that is always full of family and friends - cooking, eating, laughing and dancing - Britney Spears always on repeat 😉 And while we can be silly and fun, we also know that children do best when they feel loved and safe. We promise to provide structure and support, to protect them always and to be there for them no matter what. We will help them chase their dreams, be their cheerleaders and pick them up if they fall. In the end we want the same thing for your child - we want them to be strong, independent, empathetic, honest, fun, loving human beings and we'll do all we can to bring that out in them. And as they grow, we will love your child just as they are.

About Us

We met in Austin, Texas - we were both on work trips and found ourselves at a cute little neighborhood bar called Rio Rita. We started chatting and hit it off immediately. We actually ended up hanging out all night at a food truck across the street. We never believed in love at first sight until it happened! At the time, we lived on opposite coasts, but three months into our relationship Elliot asked Blake to move to New York and we have lived together ever since.

As a couple, we love to be active and staying healthy is our shared passion. We are the first to admit that we can be a little woo-woo and spiritual, loving meditation and all things to center our minds.
We love hosting game nights, dinner parties, playing retro video games, card games (monopoly deal is a FAVE), fine dining, brunching on Sundays, weekend getaways out of town, beach weekends - the world is our oyster and we love to adventure always!

During our downtime, we love cuddling on the couch and watching TV. Our favorite show is Friends, probably all the Thanksgiving episodes being the best. Though Blake is a trained chef, we take turns making dinner and love experimenting with fun Asian sauces- that are often a little too spicy! We love riding our new bikes to the beach and exploring our neighborhood. And for the warmest of days, nothing really beats relaxing by the pool to unwind.

Meet Blake

I grew up in the valley of Los Angeles, California with my parents and EIGHT siblings! It is safe to say that sometimes we could get a bit rowdy but our home was always filled with love and laughter. I am lucky to have close relationships with my parents, siblings, and extended family which now includes incredible nieces and nephews! To this day, one of our favorite things to do as a family is go to amusement parks - I still get scared but that doesn't stop me from going on all the rides!

I have spent time in my career working in the entertainment business (I have worked on award shows like the Oscars!) but honestly, my true passion has always been cooking. So, in 2019, I went to culinary school and got my degree. I even graduated on the Dean's list with perfect attendance - this was a very proud moment for me. Cooking for family and friends fills my heart with so much happiness - dinner parties and game nights are a pretty regular occurrence in our home.

As you have already read, staying active is very important to me. Not only does it keep me healthy physically, but also mentally. I try to exercise a few times a week at the gym and love jogging on the beach and hiking in our local parks.

Elliot and I are just starting to get into yoga which has been a nice change of pace. I also love gardening most days in the warmer months. We have a beautiful yard on an acre of land that brings so much peace for me to take care of and watch everything grow.

I am a passionate guy, who loves to laugh and be silly, but I also crave structure. I am adventurous, caring, loyal, honest and a natural caretaker who always wants to make sure my friends and family are well fed and cared for in my home (if you don't accept something to eat or drink, I will probably nag you until you take something!).

When it comes to being a dad, I want to inspire your child to be who they want to be in the world. To nurture their passions and watch them blossom and thrive. And whenever they need guidance, I will always be a soft place to land and lend a hug and an ear.

Meet Elliot

I grew up along with my three younger brothers and parents in Elmhurst, Illinois. We were always a very close-knit family and still are today. I was a very imaginative and creative child, always asking questions about everything, all the time! I enjoyed a very outdoor childhood, riding bikes, spending time at my grandparent’s lake house and in my later childhood (around 9) I got involved in theater and began my interest in computers and technology.

When I was 11, our family moved to Arizona because my parents were sick of the cold winters in the Chicago suburbs. It was such an exciting time for us as a family and brought us all even closer together. We moved to Scottsdale, AZ and my family is still there now. Blake and I go back to visit with them in the beautiful Sedona desert as often as we can.

I went to university in Lugano, Switzerland and it was quite a life-changing experience for me - getting to spend time with students from all over the world (there were students from 128 countries!) and that experience had a major impact on my life, in a positive way. I even learned to speak Italian and French!

After college, I got into the Public Relations industry and am lucky enough to say that I love what I do. I now own my own PR agency and this gives me so much flexibility which will be incredibly helpful when we are lucky enough to welcome a little one into our lives. I also find ways to support BIPOC as well as female-founded and LGBTQ+ brands.

In my free time, you will find me enjoying the outdoors! I love being active and when I go to the gym, I focus on weight training. I am also a big reader and karaoke singer 🙂

In 2018, we very sadly lost my father, Phil, who was my best friend. This was a very hard time for my family. As the eldest sibling, I instinctively tried to step up to do my best to take care of my mom and my siblings. They sometimes call me the glue that holds our family together but the truth is, I could never fill my dad’s role in that way. But I do try to honor him in all that I do and certainly in the father I dream of becoming one day. In many ways, I have been preparing to be a parent all my life.

I am ready to love your baby unconditionally and raise them to be an amazing and happy human who has everything they need to chase their dreams.


Our most precious furry companion is our sweet and playful rescue dog named Peanut. She is a 4-year-old terrier mix with copper color fur and is always ready for kisses and snuggles. Peanut joined our family a few months into our relationship and we have loved every moment with her. We have learned to share responsibilities and really love being "dog dads” together.

Peanut is always beyond gentle with kids. She is going to be an amazing big sister and protector one day!


We have put a lot of our hearts, time and energy into making our home be our perfect place to come back to at the end of the day. Our home is filled with loads of natural light and has plenty of space to run and play. We even set up a game room which has a pool table, air hockey and karaoke! Needless to say, there is lots of singing happening here! We have always wanted our home to feel like a safe and welcoming place for our family and friends. Hosting Sunday brunches (we make a mean huevos rancheros which is a Mexican egg dish!) and having friends over to relax with are just some of our favorite ways to spend a weekend.

We live on a beautiful tree-lined street in Brooklyn, NY, just a block away from a great elementary school with tons of families around. Our neighbors are wonderfully diverse, which was very important to us knowing that when we are lucky enough to adopt a child, we would want them (and us!) to grow up around many different cultures. Within walking distance, there is a beautiful 30-acre park with two kids jungle gyms, tennis courts and rolling hills to play on - so much fun!

Just before the pandemic hit, we decided to buy a home near the beach. This has definitely become our happy place, and a place we can get away to. It is a cozy, two story home surrounded by tons of trees and a great fenced-in swimming pool. It has been really peaceful and calming to be able to come up here on the weekends. We have even cleared a space to build a treehouse with your child when they get older. The beach is just a few minutes away and we are already dreaming of building sandcastles with a little one.


Family is everything to us and are so lucky to both have big families which include aunts, uncles, and many, many cousins with babies. When we get together the laughter is non-stop and food is always overflowing. For Elliot's family reunion, we surprised everyone with a DJ karaoke setup with disco lights and everything! Elliot's Cher impression is so hilarious and we all had such a great time. Most importantly, it was amazing to all be together.

Our friends are our chosen family, we feel that to our core. Blake has a best friend from sixth grade, Leila, who he talks to everyday. She will definitely be Auntie Li-Li, and she can't wait to help us welcome a little one into our lives. Elliot's best friend Will, who he met in college in Switzerland, is an incredible artist and is sure to inspire your child with plenty of arts and crafts projects. When we moved to New York, we were lucky enough to connect with the most incredibly loving, silly, fun and inspiring group of friends. Some of them already have children and some are close to starting a family as well.

Everyone is beyond THRILLED that we are starting a family through adoption! In fact, Elliot's mother is so excited to be a grandma for the first time - she already decided that she wants to be called Nanni. We think this is so sweet and makes our hearts melt just thinking about it.

As you can see, there will be no shortage of love surrounding your child and we hope to include you in our circle of love.


Planning and hosting parties is one of our greatest joys! We love to celebrate as often as we can, and holidays and birthdays are an excuse to go over the top. On birthdays we love to spoil one another; sweet cards, flowers, special dinners, and of course, surprises. One year, Blake threw Elliot a surprise murder mystery party with all of our friends.

When Elliot showed up and saw everyone dressed like mobsters from the 1920s, he was floored - it was so much fun! We love having everyone around the pool during the summer for BBQs and just to be able to relax and unwind together.

The holidays are always spent with family. We take turns between Christmas and Thanksgiving so we can be with both families every year. And every year for New Year's, we like to travel somewhere fun and new - last year we were in Costa Rica! This is a tradition we are really excited to share with a little one in the future!


One of our other biggest passions is traveling. We have been to many countries together and plan on taking your child to many more. One of our favorite trips was in Japan where let's just say the food can be a bit different. We are not always so adventurous but no matter what, we are excited to visit more places and take in more cultures with a little one! It will be very exciting to experience this through their eyes!

With Love

Our hearts are with you as you make perhaps the most difficult decision of your life. We hope the glimpse into our past and present lives gives you a sense of how much love we have and just how ready we are to welcome your baby into our lives and become parents.

We would imagine that you may still have questions for us - please know that we are an open book and are happy to answer ALL of them!

Thank you again for giving us a chance. We would be honored to go down this path together with you.

With love,
Blake + Elliot