Anna and Simon
Hi! We are so excited to meet you and to have this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

We know this must be a very challenging and unexpected time in your life. We hope that you will find comfort and peace knowing that we firmly believe adoption is an enormous act of love by you. We have hoped to become parents through this journey for a long time and it would be our absolute honor to welcome your baby into our lives.

With love,
Anna and Simon

Our Adoption Story

Since I was a young child I (Anna), have known that I wanted to adopt. There has just been this unexplainable pull inside me that has quietly grown over the years. It wasn't that I didn't want to have children biologically, I had hoped for that too, but I have just always known that I wanted to cast my love as far as I could.

In our lives together, we have been hoping and dreaming of a family for a long time. We talked about it for many years before we were married and then once we tied the knot, we tried to conceive. But unfortunately, it just hasn't happened for us. There is no doubt that this has been difficult to come to terms with but once we seriously started to discuss adoption together, it has felt like the most natural path for both of us. To be honest, we have not even explored any medical fertility treatments. That is not for us. Instead, we have united in our passion to take the journey of adoption together. And we hope to do that with you!

Our Promise to You

When we look back on our childhoods, we both have big smiles on our faces. We each have so many fond memories of growing up with family and many friends around us. We know this is because our parents loved us unconditionally and poured every ounce of their energy into making our young lives happen the way they did. Our promise to you is that we will commit that same energy to loving, nurturing and raising your child, just as our parents did for us. We also promise that we will be completely open and honest with your child. The greatest gift we can give will be to teach them to embrace who they are in their heart and to follow their own path in life. They will have our support every step of the way.

About Us

We met almost nine years ago at work! The architecture firm where Simon worked was just down the hall from the interior design firm where I worked.
One day after work, we both ended up at the same bar and on my way out, I quickly introduced myself. It was a few weeks later in the halls of work that he asked me out to lunch.
We had a great lunch a couple of days later and that was it - we started dating and have been together ever since.
On the weekends, we really enjoy cooking. Simon is the chef and master creator of all things delicious while I am his sidekick in the kitchen helping with all the prep.

We also love spending time with our friends, going to see live music or just relaxing and listening to music at home. One of our favorite activities is taking our dog Luna for long walks or out to the park to play ball. We also enjoy working out together. We both love Pilates and it's something that we do together a few times a week. Simon is an avid surfer, and even though I don't surf, I enjoy going with him to spend time on the beach.

Meet Anna
(written with love by Simon)

Anna is the life and soul of life's party. She is one of those people in a packed room that others gravitate towards and find so easy to talk to. Her outgoing personality is magnetic and it is equally matched by her generosity and care for others.

Anna is first and foremost a family person and a proud Texan as a close second. Her favorite pastime is spending time with family - she is always planning for our next trip home, the next family holiday to a far-flung destination, or a simple gathering in the back garden to celebrate anyone's birthday (including pet birthdays!).

Anna is my companion through life and I am thankful for her every day of the week. I can be my truest self around her without judgment.

Anna is a business owner and a talented interior designer. She is the reason that I have my own architecture business - without her leadership and encouragement, I doubt I would have had the courage and confidence to leave my job and go out on my own.

Anna is fun, intelligent, caring, creative, independent, determined, brave and extremely loyal. Anna will be a wonderful mother to your child for all of these reasons and more.

Meet Simon
(written with love by Anna)

Simon is kind, loving, generous, caring and fun. He is always up for an adventure and for trying something new. He loves to surf, golf, bike, listen to music, hang out with friends and travel. But one of the things I love most about him is his love for his family. Whether it is his family or my family, he sees them as one and the same and never passes up an opportunity to all be together.

Even though his mom lives in England and his sister in New Zealand, he makes sure we do family FaceTime with them on a regular basis. He is the best uncle to our two nieces who couldn't wait to call him "Uncle Simon" after we got married! He has a heart of gold and for that, I am truly grateful.

Simon is the most patient person I have ever met. There isn't a problem or issue that he cannot solve. He knows how to handle stress under pressure and approaches situations with such calming energy. His ability to stay calm and take everything with ease makes you feel at peace with the world around you.

He is the best I could have ever asked for and I know that he will be the best dad. I can see it in the way he takes care of our dog, Luna. He is always up for the task of taking her out for walks, playing with her and just being so patient when she needs it. He has the biggest heart with so much love to give. I know he will shower your child with so much love, security and happiness, the same way he does for me.

Our Home

We live in Brooklyn, NY, in a former industrial building overlooking the beautiful East River and New York City. Simon has lived in our loft apartment for over 15 years. Over time, he has designed and built much of the space. When Anna moved in, she brought her interior designer touch! By New York standards our apartment is quite large, and being a loft space it is has amazingly tall windows which fill the open living, dining and kitchen area with loads of natural light. The apartment is our pride and joy, we love hanging out here.

We have become good friends with many of our neighbors. Even though we live in a big city, we have managed to find a wonderful and tight-knit community of interesting, creative people. We have a rooftop area where we can all gather in the summer for BBQs and watching the most beautiful sunsets over the city.

Our neighborhood is a very diverse community with great schools, wonderful restaurants and all you could wish for within walking distance. There is a little league baseball field across the street from us. On the weekends in the summer, we can hear the joyful sound of parents cheering on their little ones. The ball field is also the place we go to several times a day with our dog Luna for a walk or to play with her neighborhood friends.

Holidays and Traditions

As you can imagine, with family spread out across two continents, holidays usually involve travel... our favorite! Luckily, because Thanksgiving and July 4th are not celebrated in England, we always know we will be with Anna's family for those holidays. Thanksgiving is usually a big celebration hosted by Anna's parents.

At Christmas, we try to switch between our families. When we see Simon's mom and sister, they will either come to visit us in New York, or we travel to England or New Zealand. When we travel that far, we usually try to go for at least a week so that we can spend quality time together as a family. We get together with Simon's family at least once a year - if it doesn't happen at Christmas, we always find another time to visit.

We never pass up an opportunity to be with our families and any holiday gives us the perfect excuse to do just that. We cannot wait to welcome your little one into our family so that they too can feel the love that surrounds us at these special times!

Meet Our New Adopted Nephew

This is Hatch! Anna’s sister and her husband recently welcomed a sweet baby boy to the family.
We can’t wait for all the fun play time moments that your child will have with their Texas cousin.

Meet Luna

Our 4 year old Boxer Luna fell into our lives quite unexpectedly when she was barely a year old. Our good friends' father got her as a gorgeous puppy but unfortunately soon after, he became quite ill. Living alone, he couldn't continue to care for her so we volunteered to look after her for just a few days initially. We fell in love immediately and she has been part of our little family ever since. She is such a friendly, playful soul who is wonderfully gentle with young children.

Hobbies and Travel

We love to travel whenever we get the chance. The beach is one of our
favorite places to spend time, there’s nothing better than a morning spent
surfing followed by an evening watching the sunset with friends.
Sometimes there’s a little hiking involved during the day,
although we must make sure Anna doesn’t get wet if the
water’s too cold! 😉

Our Loved Ones

We are very close to our family and traveling to see them is a major part of our life. Anna’s parents live in the south east Texas town that Anna grew up in.
She is the middle of three siblings - her older brother and wife live in Austin with their two teenage daughters and her
younger sister and her husband live in San Antonio. Her large extended family all live close to one another.
We often get together for holidays or celebrations with her parents and family members—her mother has 21 first cousins! Simon is always joking about how when we visit
there, people come up to him when he is in their local grocery store and start talking to him. They obviously know him but he hasn’t a clue who they are—but guaranteed they are an
extended family member! Simon’s family is much smaller and spread farther apart when it comes to geography. His parents live in England,
in the town where he grew up. Simon’s parents divorced when he was a teenager. Since then, his father has remarried and his mother lives alone.
Simon has one younger sister who, like Simon, caught the traveling bug. She has lived all over the world. About five years ago, she settled in New Zealand
with her partner who is also from England.

Our family has been so supportive of our plans to adopt. When we shared the news, they were so excited! They cannot wait to shower (okay, spoil!) a
new little one with love. Our friends also can’t wait—we have had so many offers of support, people sending us baby books, donating strollers or writing notes of baby tips!
Your baby is going to have lots of aunts and uncles eager to join the support network.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us! It means the world to us that you would
consider us to be adoptive parents of your child. While we may not know exactly what you are going
through, we do understand the magnitude of your decision and know that your love for your child is the
reason you are taking the time to make the best possible decision.
We hope in the short time you have had to get to know us so far, that you can feel our gratitude and the
excitement we have for being parents and growing our family. We would love to get to know you too, if
that is something you are open to.

With love and gratitude,
Anna and Simon