Amy and Pat

Hello! It is so nice to meet you, even if it is just through these pages to start. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us.

We so admire your courage and are grateful that you would consider us. We want you to know how ready we are to welcome and love your baby and hope we have the chance to get to know you better too.

With love,
Amy and Pat

Our Adoption Story & Promise to You

We are very excited and honored to be looking to adoption as a way to start our family. To be completely honest, adoption wasn't always a part of our plan. Neither of us have a firsthand connection to adoption, but after experiencing two miscarriages, we really wanted to explore our options to start a family in an alternative way. It didn't take long for us to realize how beautiful adoption can be, and it very quickly felt to us like this was meant to be part of our story. Our entire extended families and our close friends are all extremely supportive of and excited for us to welcome home a bundle of joy.

Our solemn promise to you is that we will raise your child in a loving and supportive home. If you choose us, we will love your child unconditionally just as if we had given birth to him/her, but we will always honor you and share your story with your child as we raise him/her. What we have learned above all else is that it is important for your child to have a sense of identity that ties back to their birth parents and we want to support that while of course respecting any specific wishes you may have in this regard.


To your child... We promise to always play. We mean really play, like get down on the floor and pretend to be superheroes, go down slides or through obstacle courses. We promise to always read an extra bedtime story. We promise to run to you when you are crying or sad, no matter how old you are and no matter where you are. We promise to support your imagination and never put limits on creativity. We will be your biggest fans and your greatest supporters. We promise to always support you in ways we may not even understand yet as you grow into adolescence and then young adulthood. We promise to teach you by example and with unwavering patience. We promise to love you fiercely no matter the challenges that may come with parenting.

And lastly to ourselves... We promise to admit that we may never be perfect parents, but at the same time we promise to never stop trying and loving with all of our hearts.

All About Us

We do not have a very fun or fancy story for how we met! We met totally randomly at a bar in 2010 in the town where we were both living at the time. We exchanged numbers and were friendly for a couple of years (subbing on each others sports teams, inviting each other out with friends or just hanging around my condo). We officially started dating in 2012 after getting trapped together during Hurricane Sandy. I had invited Pat to stay with me during the storm and the rest is history! He basically never left. I had convinced him to keep me company during the storm because I thought his motorcycle would be safe in my parking garage. As it turns out, the storm was so bad that both Pat's motorcycle and my car were totaled in the storm! So maybe it wasn't his choice not to leave, but he couldn't (just kidding, our town was totally walkable and near public transit). Pat will never let me live down the drowning of his motorcycle though!

Fast forward to 2015, Pat proposed to me on top of a glacier in New Zealand and we were married the next year on my Mom's farm. Pretty soon after, we moved to our current house which we consider our forever home and where we look forward to raising our children one day.

We enjoy staying active together and hiking with our two German Shepherds, Axel and Sydney. There is a neat nature trail nearby us in our town that runs along a river, and the dogs love to go swimming.

We spend most weekend mornings here walking and talking while the dogs run the trail and swim (they are very well trained off leash!). My twin sister Heather and her husband John live across the street from us and Pat and I spend a lot of time with them and with our two nephews (Liam, age 4 and Jackson age 2). We are looking forward to welcoming a new niece any day now!

About Amy

My friends and family describe me as passionate, loyal and hard working. I studied finance in college and now, I lead the finance department for an online baby and children's clothing company. The mission of the company is to help every child feel seen and valued - I love that and feel grateful to work for a company with a mission that I so strongly believe in. Outside of work, you can find me spending time with family, hiking with our dogs, snowboarding or exercising (most recently, I have gotten into some home workouts I can find online!).


  • I am a dog lover and other than being away at college, I have never been without a dog in my home!
  • I tried to play the violin, piano, saxophone, trombone, and guitar before coming to terms with the fact that I am not at all musically inclined ... but I still try to sing though, just ask Pat!
  • Even though we live in the suburbs of NYC, I am a country girl at heart and you can typically find me listening to country music


  • I ran the San Francisco marathon with my sister Heather in 2007 (plus, several half marathons)
  • In high school, I played lacrosse, soccer, basketball and tennis!


  • I went bungee jumping with Pat in 2015, learned I am terrified of heights and have vowed never to do it again, lol
  • My favorite food is pizza and my least favorite food is meat - even though I am not a vegetarian!
  • I am always cold and Pat is always warm - no joke!


  • I wrestled from 2nd grade all the way through college
  • I bought my first motorcycle, fixed it up, and then it broke down on the side of the road a couple of years later when it blew a hole in the motor


  • Growing up, I helped various family members replace roofs, add second floors to their houses, build detached garages, and even build one whole house!
  • I went bungee jumping with Amy and decided that the same day repeat customer deal was too good to pass up


  • Every year in the fall a few of my friends and family, including my dog Axel, take a boys trip to ride dirt bikes and quads at various trail systems or off road parks.  2020 will be year number 11!
  • I started snowboarding in 5th grade and have only ever missed two seasons since

About Pat

My friends and family describe me as patient, persistent, and hard-working. My education is in mechanical engineering which quickly developed into managing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems in major construction projects, mostly in hospitals and research laboratories. I know that sounds boring to most people but I feel lucky to have found a career path that I actually enjoy.

Motorcycles are a major passion of mine - on the street, dirt, and race track. I enjoy wrenching and customizing my motorcycles, '69 Chevy pickup truck, or any other toys that come along. Our two German Shepherd dogs are always willing to help with my projects and often come with us to the track and on hikes.


We live in a fairly small town with the most adorable and vibrant downtown with a movie theater, coffee shops, and plenty of shopping and dining (all within walking distance of our house - and most places are both pet and kid friendly!). We are just a short train ride to New York City so we still get to enjoy all that a big city like that has to offer.

One of the main reasons we moved here was wanting to put down roots in an area where we could raise our children. We have some of the top schools right here in our neighborhood!

Our home is an old farmhouse that we bought a few years ago and then did a major renovation before we moved in. It was nice to be able to add our own touches to it and really make sure that it would be the perfect place for us to raise a family one day. Our property is just over an acre and we have a large fenced in yard. This will be our forever home, where we plan to live for 30+ years and look forward to raising our children here.

We take pride in taking care of our house and our yard. Pat has mastered just about every home improvement project and I enjoy helping him with yard maintenance and leaf pickup!

Axel and Sydney

We love spending time with our two German Shepherds, Axel (age 6) and Sydney (age 2). These pups of ours are amazing companions and are always up for a hike or a swim. They are also super sweet and gentle with kids and love when our nephews are over at our house... instant playmates!

Our Adventures

By now you have probably seen that we not only like to keep active but we also enjoy a little adventure from time to time! Traveling and experiencing different cultures and activities has been so enriching and we are excited to share that with a child one day!


Family is so important to both of us, and we are very close with both sides of our family.

Amy has a smaller family including her twin sister Heather, her Mom who recently moved close by to a retirement community and her brother Jeff who lives in St. Louis with his wife and two kids.
Extended family includes her Aunt Judy who lives in Florida and an Aunt and Uncle and older cousins and their families living out west in California and Colorado.

Pat is the oldest of 6 children, with 3 still living at home (Mitch, Hailey and Ashlee ages 20, 18, and 15). His brother RJ and his wife and their two children live in Pennsylvania, and his brother Garrett and his wife and their three children live in New Jersey, near Philadelphia. His grandparents' house is next door to his parents’ house in the countryside, and he has aunts and uncles and so many cousins and their children most of whom also live in Pennsylvania too.


Holidays for us are all about spending time with family. We recently started a tradition for July 4th where Amy's family joins from New Jersey, St Louis and Florida. Amy's sister Heather does most of the daytime hosting because they have a pool. We make ice cream from scratch, set off small fireworks, swim in the pool and attend the parade.

Pat's grandparents have a tradition of hosting a Thanksgiving pot pie the Saturday after Thanksgiving every year. This dates back with his great grandmother and has carried on. There are about 50 family members who attend, each contributing their own special pot pie dish!

We have created fun traditions with our nephews including a special Christmas Eve celebration at our house which includes decorating cookies for Santa, finding their gifts under the tree, and opening them the night before Christmas. We then move to Heather's house for Christmas morning to watch the kids open their gifts. We cannot wait to have a child to join in on these traditions with us.

Pat's grandparents have hosted Sunday dinners for any family member who could make it for Pat's entire life! Attendance at these dinners ranges from 5-20 people! This is something we would love to continue on by starting our own Sunday dinner tradition.

Every summer Pat's family hosts a big family reunion at a local picnic park. Anywhere from 50-100 family members attend each year!


Hi! I am Heather, Amy's twin sister. My husband John and I wanted to share a little bit about what Amy and Pat mean to us. A quick introduction to our family, we have two sons Liam (almost 4) and Jackson (almost 2) with a baby girl on the way any day now! And we live diagonally across the street from Amy and Pat!

Amy and Pat take their roles as Aunt and Uncle to incredible heights. They don't just babysit the kids when we need a night out or a weekend away. They plan full days of crafts, activities, and adventures that could easily compete with trips to Disney World. This is just their way, always trying to make something feel special. To both of our kids, they have always been a unit - equally present and involved.

Amy and Pat are the kind of Aunt and Uncle who are willing to put on masks and capes to pretend to be super heroes, hide under blankets when the monsters are coming, run-crawl on the floor pretending to be the latest characters, play hide and seek (in the dark, of course), and have parties inside a teepee built for toddlers.

Amy and Pat have made a second home for our children, which we know will be even stronger and more meaningful as our kids grow older. They are not glorified babysitters or just relatives, they have placed themselves centrally in our children's lives in a way where it is clear from our view as parents that they are so much more than Liam and Jackson's Aunt and Uncle. It has been really special to watch Amy and Pat develop such a unique bond with our children, one we know will continue to develop as the kids grow up.

We know without a doubt that your child would receive unconditional love, compassion, patience, and selflessness from Amy and Pat. We can't wait to have the opportunity to love their child the way they love ours, to be their Aunt Heather and Uncle John or whatever superhero they decide we should be. We want you to know that if you choose Amy and Pat to parent your child, they will have a second home with us just as our children have with Amy and Pat. And of course, the cousins across the street are ready for ultimate playdates! Sending you our utmost love and respect.


Thank you again so much for taking the time to get to know us through our book. We are extremely excited to be parents and are grateful that you would consider us to raise your child. We respect and admire your decision more than we could ever put into words.

With love,
Amy and Pat