Dear Birth Mother
Amelia and Miles

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We can only imagine the thoughts racing through your head as you read these pages. We appreciate that this is the hardest decision that you will ever have to make. We wish that this decision could be made easier for you. It is our hope that while you read our story and view our pictures that you may see the possibility of a loving family for your child. We wish you love and guidance as you make the right choice for your child.

With love,

Amelia and Miles


We knew from the very beginning that we wanted to be parents. And like many married couples, we wanted to start a family as soon as we returned from our honeymoon. However, the universe had other plans for us and as it turned out, our family wasn’t going to happen in the traditional way. Having met several families who adopted their children and learning more about the process, we became really open to the idea that families can (and do!) come together in many different ways. And now more than ever, we are sure that adoption is right for us. Now that we have walked down this path, we are as dedicated to the adoption process as any expecting couple would be and of course, we can’t wait to be parents!

We promise to provide your child with a warm, loving home filled with laughter and music. We will support their interests and unique personality. We both feel deeply that a child should have stability in their lives - having both come from families that moved around a lot when we were kids, we really value the opportunity to provide consistency and stability in a child’s life. We have planted roots where we live so that your child can grow up in familiar surroundings with loving and supportive people around him/her. No matter what, your baby will always be our #1 priority and we promise to love him/her with all of our hearts.

Your Child’s Future…

We were both lucky enough to go to college and pursue careers we felt passionate about. Miles has a Master’s degree and has been a public school teacher for the past 20 years. Amelia works in the business world in Manhattan. We both know how important education is and want to provide the best possible education for your child. It is one of the reasons why we chose to live in a town which has a top-rated school system. Miles plans to retire from full time teaching to being a full time dad.

All About Us

We recently celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary! We were married in Connecticut at a marina on the Long Island Sound. We used to live right in upper Manhattan and moved just north of the city 5 years ago. Even though the city has so much to offer, it is nice to live away from the hustle and bustle of it all but close enough to take advantage of all it has to offer. Amelia still works in the city and Miles teaches school not far from where we live.

We enjoy good food (we love Asian food!), are huge readers (Miles, who is an English teacher prefers the classics and Amelia prefers fiction and romance), see movies on a regular basis and attend live theater and music concerts as often as possible. Miles tends to like more guitar driven rock such as The Marcus King band while Amelia is a fan of more female singer/songwriters like Sheryl Crow. For our 10 year wedding anniversary, we attended a musical on Broadway called Hadestown and a fabulous concert by Phil Collins at Madison Square Garden on the same day!

About Amelia
Through Miles's Eyes

Amelia and I met through mutual friends and I knew very early on that she was the one for me. She is very funny and never afraid to speak her mind which I admire. She is super organized and seems to know what to do next in almost everything we try to do. When we go on a trip, she packs the right things, has the directions, finds the best restaurants and knows how to have a good time. She always remains hopeful and optimistic, even when things are hard.

I have no doubt in my mind that she will be an awesome mother. I watch the way our 11 year old niece lights up and runs to her as soon as she sees her. She is loving, open, honest and fun to be around.

About Miles
Through Amelia's Eyes

We had been friends for about a year into our friendship, our relationship turned romantic. Miles brought stability and light heartedness into my life which balances out my sometimes serious nature. Miles is a warm, big hearted, incredibly smart and thoughtful man. He is always creating something whether it’s an amazing meal, a new song or a new psychedelic guitar sound.

I expect he will bring that same level of creativity and playfulness into being a father and I am excited about watching those possibilities unfold before my eyes! He remains calm under pressure and is methodical in how he takes care of things. We complement each other in the best of ways and make a great team together.


We live an hour outside of New York City in the historic Hudson River Valley. Moving up here from the city has been one of best decisions we ever made. We have lived here for 5 years now, and we still love it. We have spent these past 5 years making a home for ourselves.

Our home is filled with books and music and the smell of home-cooked meals. Amelia has spent a lot of energy in decorating this home in a stylish but classic way. Miles has added his extensive music collection, including vinyl records and musical instruments. The only thing missing now is the sound of a child ????

Our hometown is an ideal place to raise a child. The neighborhood has many parks, a brand new community pool and plenty of awesome playgrounds. We enjoy seeing wildlife around us, like deer, rabbits and many types of birds that have made their homes in our little town. We believe strongly that a child should be raised with a love of nature and animals.

Our neighborhood is very multicultural is a favorite among all different kinds of artists. We have an excellent public school system at all grade levels and a vibrant community spirit that we have not found in other places. As you can see, we love where we live and are so excited to raise a child here one day soon


We recently rescued an 8 month old kitten named Sugar who is incredibly playful and is very sweet with kids.

Our Sweet Niece, Alexa

Our 11 year old niece, Alexa, has come to be an important person in our lives. Being present for her birth and watching her grow up, has been incredibly special. Being a part of Alexa’s life and knowing how much love we feel for her has shown us time and time again just how much we want to be parents.

Amelia and Alexa enjoy going to the movies together, dancing and singing. Alexa enjoys playing guitar with Miles and saves all of her quirky questions about life for her him ????

We are so happy that Alexa lives nearby so that we can have even more time together. She is very excited to have a little cousin to help take care of! It warms our heart to think about the incredible bond your child would have with our sweet Amelia.


We have been blessed to be able to take several vacations per year. Every summer, we enjoy a week in our favorite spot on earth, Nantucket. This is a beautiful island off Cape Cod where we enjoy bike rides on the cobblestone streets of the downtown wharf area, walks on nature trails, gourmet dinners in one of the islands many world-class restaurants and lazy days on the beach. These are truly magical moments and we can think of no better place to bring your child. the island is super kid-friendly with daily activities in town set up just for children, like puppet shows and crafts.

We are also lucky enough to live not far from the Jersey Shore where we enjoy wonderful days at the seaside with children running about and squawking of seagulls. As much as we love the luxury of being on vacation, something is missing and that is the joy of sharing all of this with a child. We are excited fo the days that we can do this together with a child one day soon.


We both have large extended families. Most of Miles’ extended family is based out of New York while Amelia’s extended family is in the Mid-West and Massachusetts. Amelia’s mom lives in the Boston area and is excited about becoming a grandmother. Miles’ brother and his family recently moved to our town and our niece is so excited about the possibility of having a new cousin. She’s even started drawing some pictures for the baby’s room.

Thank you for reading about us

We hope you were able to see that we would be loving, supportive, responsible and fun parents to your baby. We are prepared to provide your child with a warm, loving home full of music and laughter. We have created a truly wonderful life together and we know that we are ready to welcome your baby into our world full of love.

With much love and gratitude,
Amelia and Miles