Dear Birth Mother
Amelia and Miles

It is truly fortunate that you have found our profile. We are a warm, loving married couple who are more than ready to care for and raise a child- hopefully your child. We thoroughly understand the dilemma that you find yourself in. It goes without saying that this must be the single hardest decision that you have ever had to make. It truly takes courage and heart to make such a decision and we salute you for this selfless act. It is our hope and dream that while you read our story and view our pictures, you will come to believe that we are the right family to take care of, love and nurture your child as our own. We wish you love and guidance as you make the right choice for your child; a choice that we know cannot be easy to make.

With love,

Amelia and Miles


Like most married couples, we wanted to start a family as soon as we returned from our honeymoon. However, the universe had other plans. It turned out, our family wasn't going to happen for us in a traditional way. Having met several families with adopted children and learning more about adoption, we began to become open to the idea. We have come to accept that starting a family can happen in any number of ways and we feel this is the way for us. Now that we have walked down this path, we are as dedicated to the adoption process as any expecting couple would be and of course, we cant wait to be parents.

We promise to provide your child with a warm, loving home filled with laughter & music and to support his or her interests though they may be different than our own; always seeking to develop the unique personality of this child. We both firmly believe that all children should have structure and stability in their lives. Having both come from families who moved around frequently, we see the need for consistency and the importance of stability in a child's life. Therefore, we have planted roots firmly where we live so that our child will grow up in a strong community surrounded by loving, supportive people.

Your Child’s Future

We are both college-educated professionals. Miles has a Master's degree and has been a public-school teacher for the past 22 years. Amelia works in the business world in Manhattan, though she has been mainly working from her home office these days. We both know how important education is and want to provide the best possible education for our child. It is one of the reasons why we live in a town that has a top-rated school system that caters to a variety of educational needs. Miles plans to retire from full-time teaching in the near future to become a mostly full-time dad; giving this child the kind of individual attention he never received when he was a child.

All About Us

We will soon be celebrating our thirteenth wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe so much time has gone by and our relationship and commitment to each other remains as strong as ever. We were married in Connecticut at a marina on the Long Island Sound where Miles's life-long musical friends played at both the ceremony and the reception. With a shoe-string budget, we managed to put together an elegant and fun event; proving that as a team, we can get anything done! We lived in Upper-Manhattan during that time, then moved just north of the city about seven years ago. Late last year, we bought a house and moved further up the line. Amelia works mainly from home, commutes into the city when needed and travels occasionally for her job. Miles teaches school about a half-hour from where we live.

We consider ourselves cultured and open-minded people. We enjoy good food from around the world such as Thai, Indian and Sushi. We are avid readers, Miles being an English teacher tends to enjoy classic literature and music-related biographies whereas Amelia likes current fiction and romance novels. We belong to a local art house cinema and see the latest documentaries, foreign and independent films on a regular basis. However, we do enjoy the big budget Hollywood blockbuster at the local Alamo Drafthouse. We both love music and play musical instruments: Amelia plays a bit of piano and Miles plays electric guitar. Miles tends to like more guitar-driven rock such as The Grateful Dead & Nirvana while Amelia tends to prefer female singer/ songwriters like Sheryl Crow & Brandi Carlisle. We attend live music and theatre as often as possible. For example, we recently attended two musicals on Broadway: Hamilton & American Utopia. We also enjoyed fabulous concerts by Genesis with Phil Collins at Madison Square Garden and sang along to all the hits of The Eagles at a hockey arena out in Long Island.

About Amelia
Through Miles's Eyes

Amelia and I met through mutual friends and I knew very early on that she was the one for me. She is very funny and never afraid to speak her mind, which I admire. She is super organized and seems to know what to do next in almost everything we try to do. When we go on a trip, she packs the right things, has the directions, finds the best restaurants and knows how to have a good time. She always remains hopeful and optimistic when things are hard. I have no doubt in my mind that she will be an awesome mother. She is loving, open, honest, fun to be around and great at figuring out the right tip at restaurants.

About Miles
Through Amelia's Eyes

Miles and I met through mutual friends and about a year into our friendship, our relationship turned romantic. Miles brought stability and light-heartedness into my life which balances out my sometimes-serious nature. Miles is a warm, big-hearted, incredibly smart and thoughtful man. He is always creating something whether it's an amazing meal, a new song or a new psychedelic guitar sound. I expect he will bring that same level of creativity and playfulness into being a father and I am excited about the possibilities. He remains calm under pressure and is methodical in how he takes care of matters. We complement each other in the best of ways and make a great team together.


We live about an hour and a half outside of New York City in Northern Westchester. Moving up here from the city has changed our lives for the better in so many ways. We have lived in apartments for the past two decades, so living in a house is a huge change and one we have welcomed with open arms. The house is a spacious three-floor suburban home built in the 1950s with a backyard perfect for a swing-set. It has several bedrooms, including a room already designated for a child with gender-neutral wallpaper, a crib, changing station and a large closet. Our home is comfortable and cozy, filled with books and music and the aroma of home-cooked meals. Amelia has spent a lot of energy decorating this home in a stylish but classic way, with artwork, photographs, and lots of plants and flowers everywhere you turn. Miles has added his extensive music collection, including vinyl records, high-end stereo equipment, music memorabilia and musical instruments. The house is filled with light, laughter and the pitter-patter of our kitty running about the place. The only thing missing is a child. Our hometown is an ideal place to raise a child which was one of its biggest attractions for us. The neighborhood has many parks, a beautiful gazebo in the center of town where a farmers market is held every Saturday and multiple playgrounds nearby. The town has a variety of small specialty stores, an art-movie house, large baseball and football fields, and plenty of good restaurants. We enjoy the wildlife of deer, rabbits and a variety of birds that have made their homes right on our property or nearby. We believe strongly that a child should be raised with love and respect for nature and animals.
The neighborhood is multicultural and the different cultures mix together quite well. We have a large Mexican population so their customs and foods have become a part of our lives. We also believe a child should be exposed to all different cultures and life experiences. Our town has an excellent public school system at all grade levels and a vibrant community spirit that we have not found in other places. Families with small children taking a stroll through town are not an uncommon sight. Therefore, we believe that it is the ideal place for a child to grow up.


We have been blessed to be able to take several vacations per year. Every summer, we enjoy a week in our favorite spot on earth, Nantucket. This is a beautiful island off Cape Cod where we enjoy bike rides on the cobblestone streets of the downtown wharf area, walks on nature trails, gourmet dinners in one of the islands many world-class restaurants and lazy days on the beach. These are truly magical moments and we can think of no better place to bring your child. The island is super kid-friendly with daily activities in town set up just for children, like puppet shows and crafts.

We are also lucky enough to live not far from the Jersey Shore where we enjoy wonderful days at the seaside with children running about and the squawking of seagulls. As much as we love the luxury of being on vacation, something is missing and that is the joy of sharing all of this with a child. We are excited for the days that we can do this together with a child one day soon.


We both have large extended families. Most of Miles' extended family are based in the New York area while Amelia's extended family are in the mid-west and Massachusetts. Amelia's mother lives in the Boston area and is excited about becoming a grandmother, offering to help us in every way she can. We have no doubt she will be an awesome grandmother. Miles' brother and his family live about a half-an hour away and we see them often as Miles and his brother play guitar together regularly. Our teenage niece is so excited about the possibility of having a new cousin. She's even drawn some pictures for the baby's room. We have a delightful two-and-a-half year-old old black and white cat named Sugar who is incredibly playful and we believe will be great with kids. All of our close family members know of our desire to adopt and are so supportive, waiting eagerly for this new child to enter all of our lives.

Thank you for reading about us

We hope you can see that we would be supportive, responsible and fun adoptive parents for your baby. We are prepared right now to provide your child with a warm, loving home full of music, good food, laughter and most importantly, we are committed to raising and guiding this child into the world to be a kind, gentle and positive human-being.

With warmest wishes,
Amelia and Miles