Amanda and Craig

It is so nice to meet you, even though we realize this is an unusual way to be introduced! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for considering us to be the adoptive parents to your child. We are so grateful for your courage and strength that has brought us together on this journey.
We really appreciate the time and consideration you are putting into the adoption process and we want you to know how much we respect and admire your decision. We are keeping you in our thoughts and hearts as you make your decision and are sending you our love and prayers.
With love,

Amanda & Craig


Our home is one that is filled with love and joy. We are so grateful to have found each other as husband and wife and we can't wait to share that love with your child. When we first started talking about having a family of our own, we were called to adoption. Amanda had struggled with some health issues in the past so in part, this led us to consider different options for starting a family. And while Amanda is blessed to be fully healthy now, we have not tried to conceive on our own as we decided that our hearts are set on bringing a child into our family through adoption. There would be no bigger honor for us.

Amanda's father died when she was very young but she was blessed to have a loving stepfather who adopted her as his own child and he has been a loving and supportive presence for her entire life. Adoption has always held such a special place in our hearts and we knew this was the right decision for our family. We cannot wait to be parents!


We have so much love to give your child and promise to provide a home filled with unconditional love and support. We both come from very tight-knit, loving families that have instilled values of kindness, honesty and acceptance. We hope to, with the help of our village of family and friends, instill these qualities in your child as well. We promise to listen and support your child and provide them a home filled with stability above all else.

About Us

Amanda grew up in Pennsylvania with her mother, adoptive father and older sister, Cameron. Amanda and Cameron have always been extremely close. Sure, when they were young, there was plenty of bickering and sisterly fights because they were so close in age (22 months). But they became best friends as they got older and even attended the same university in Virginia. After college, Amanda moved to NYC and Cameron followed soon after and they lived together for several years.
Craig grew up all over the world! His father worked for the US State Department which allowed his family to live in many amazing places. Craig, along with his mother, father and sister Nisey, lived in Africa, Thailand and Jakarta before settling back in Virginia for Craig's final years of high school. Craig attended college in Virginia (just like Amanda but at a rival school!) and then moved to NYC after he graduated.
While we both lived for many years in NYC and probably went to all the same bars and restaurants on many occasions, we didn't meet until five years ago. We were introduced through mutual friends and on our first date, we talked until very late into the night and realized how much we had in common! We quickly started spending most of our time together after that. Amanda was drawn to Craig's enthusiasm and energy for life and Craig was taken by Amanda's kind and positive attitude. We both adore anything related to food and NYC is such a wonderful place to explore exciting new restaurants. Amanda runs a contemporary art gallery and has enjoyed introducing Craig to all of the cultural treasures of the city. Craig loves live music and while it has never been a favorite of Amanda's, she has enjoyed going to concerts more these days because she knows how much Craig loves them!

We love restaurants so much that we were married at a famous pizza restaurant in Brooklyn! It was a wonderful day filled with close friends and family, and very importantly, PIZZA! It was perfect.
With busy lives in the city filled with work and other commitments, nothing makes us happier than the time that we get to spend together at home with the pups! Amanda loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen and Craig is the best taste tester there is. He always claims that dinner is the best thing he has ever eaten. Smart guy!

We have recently started playing tennis together, and we love it. Amanda used to play when she was younger but Craig is a beginner who has quickly mastered the game!! We love having a sport that we can play together wherever we are.

We also have been known to have an in-house couples book club. While it is not a super organized book club, we love reading the same book at the same time so we can discuss together! We both love to read but sometimes differ in our favorite types of books - Amanda loves historical fiction and Craig tends to love business motivational books. As you might imagine, sometimes it takes us a while to decide on a book we want to read together!

Meet Amanda

Amanda is funny, fun-loving, and always has a positive attitude. She loves to cook! And as you can see throughout our story, cooking and food is a major part of our life. Sometimes I will look over in bed and she will be reading cooking magazines, tearing out new recipes to try on me and our friends. Amanda grew up playing tennis and skiing and although I had a lot of catching up to do (and I am still far behind!), these are two activities that are near and dear to her heart and now we are doing them together. Amanda has been working in contemporary Art in New York City for almost 20 years. Because of her tremendous work ethic, she began running an art gallery at a very young age and remains passionate about her work, helping new and upcoming artists, and the art community in New York and beyond.

In our household of myself, Amanda and our two rescue dogs (Harry and Alice), Amanda is the foundation of our family. Organically, the three of us have gravitated towards depending on Amanda for all of the extra love, support, and encouragement we all need. The way she loves the three of us is the greatest blessing in our lives and that is the greatest superpower our family has to offer you and your child - Amanda's abundance of love. There is not a day that goes by where all three of us don't feel loved, supported and encouraged by her.

She is patient, consistent, nurturing, and reliable every day of her life and as a result, that is what makes us the family we are. I have seen her with our friend's children as well as our nieces and nephew - I can honestly say she was born to be a mother, and I can’t wait to see her get the chance to fulfill that role.

Meet Craig

Craig is the most thoughtful and caring person I have ever met. He loves BIG. Those who are blessed to be in his life are the lucky recipients of selfless and generous, unconditional love. He is a wonderful listener and someone that everyone comes to for support and advice. He is always eager to share a book with you about what you might be discussing and is always sure to check back in with you to make sure you are doing ok! I love what an amazing friend he is to so many people. And most of all, he is my best friend and I know I can depend on him for anything I may need.

He thrives on learning and hard work and is always willing to take on a new skill or hobby. When Craig sets his mind to something, you better be sure that he will make it happen! While Craig works extremely hard in his career in Finance, he is also equally as good when it comes time to relax. When the work day is done, you can find Craig tackling one of his many hobbies such as running, golfing, playing tennis and watching Law & Order! I love that for as hard as Craig works, he is equally able to relax and unwind with family and friends.

Craig loves to travel and explore and has shown me some of the most incredible places in this world. We can't wait to share these travel opportunities with your child. There is so much to learn by visiting and embracing new cultures and I love that Craig has really opened my eyes to these unbelievable experiences.

He is a true animal lover, especially when it comes to our two rescue dogs, Harry and Alice. Craig is very involved with a local animal shelter and is passionate about the well-being of animals.
Craig will do anything to make sure we are taken care of!!! I know he will be the best father because he puts our hearts and happiness above all else.


We live in a brownstone in a lovely, family neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. Our home is on a quiet street and we have a nice backyard that is great for relaxing outside and would be wonderful for your child to play. We love the opportunities, cultural treasures and diversity in all aspects of our life that New York City offers. We chose this specific neighborhood because it is family-oriented and give us the quiet break from the bustling city and also has some of the best schools and most beautiful parks.

We fell in love with our house because it has plenty of room for us to grow as a family as well as have our parents, siblings and their families come stay with us when they visit. At our home, you can always count on finding us in the kitchen!! Amanda loves to cook and Craig loves to eat!!! Whether it is just the two of us or tons of family and friends, all activity seems to revolve around the kitchen!
We also have a home in East Hampton that allows us to escape the city on weekends, summers and holidays. It is a cozy house and we love to relax there, reading and taking walks on the beach with the pups. And cooking in the kitchen there too, of course!!


We are so grateful to have a supportive and loving village in our family and friends. Craig's two best friends from college live in the NYC area and have two and three children. One of them has a daughter (Mila) who is Craig's god daughter. They are both eager for us to adopt a child so that we can parent side by side and the little ones can grow up together. Amanda's sister has three children and they live about an hour away, in Connecticut. Her daughters are approaching teenage years and can't wait to babysit! Amanda's cousin Erin lives in New York City and also has a house close to us in East Hampton with her husband and their two daughters. Amanda's other cousins Billy (who has two young kiddos) is moving to New York this year. Each summer Amanda's mother hosts "Cousins Camp" where all of the kids stay with her for an entire week and do arts and crafts, go fishing, and spend time with one another. We are all so close and so we know how special a relationship with a cousin can be!

Our parents both live within a few hours and are already doting and loving grandparents and can't wait for their role to expand. We expect to have our parents here often helping out and bonding with their grandchild and we now have the space for them to stay as often and as long as they want! Everyone in our life is so supportive and is anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new bundle of joy so they can share in the love!

As you can see, there is no shortage of love and support that would surround your little one!


Holidays and birthdays are a big deal to Amanda! Because we both come from big families that love to be together on Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have to take turns on who we spend the big day with. Christmas has always been an important holiday in Amanda's house and it starts with Amanda's parents decking the house out in full Christmas décor, including a 15+ foot Christmas tree!! It wouldn't be Christmas without an enormous tree! Now that we have a home of our own (with very tall ceilings!) we have our own big tree! We attend a church service on Christmas eve and then on Christmas day, we gather with as much family as possible! Our favorite part about Christmas day is getting to see our nieces and nephew and seeing the joy of Christmas through their faces. And of course, there is always a huge meal that Amanda prepares!

We also really cherish our summers together as a family. We try and spend as much time as possible at our home in East Hampton during the summer with lots of beach and pool time, outdoor BBQs and time with friends. Our parents and siblings with their families always come to visit as well. It is just a great time to gather and make more memories. Amanda was raised spending most of her summers in Cape Cod where her parents have a family home. We make sure that each summer we are able to spend at least a week or two up there so the family can be together. Amanda was raised sailing and on boats. Craig is learning about boating but is happy for Amanda to take the lead most of the time! 😉


Alice and Harry are our two terrier mixes. They are the sweetest and gentlest pups you will ever meet. They love all kids (well, all people actually!) and just want to cuddle any chance they get.

With Love

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for considering us. We can't imagine how it must feel to weigh all of this as you make your adoption plan. What we want you to know most of all is how much love and gratitude we have to share with you and your baby. We promise to make the safety and protection of your child our priority for the rest of our lives and will love him/her unconditionally.

We hope and pray we will get the opportunity to go down this path together, with you.

With Love,
Amanda and Craig